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Bill Sylvester Reads His Poetry

Vox Audio, Bruce Holsapple, Magdalena NM


Based on tape recorded in the Poetry Collection, Dec. 2005

Emptied of All Ships,

Stacy Szymazek

Ecopoetics no.4/5  p.168


 Jonathan Skinner

111 Bardwell St. Lewiston ME 04240  2004-2005

Juliana Spahr

Ecopoetics, no.4/5

p. 171


Jonathan Skinner

111 Bardwell St. Lewiston ME 04240 2004-2005

We’ll let you know

if we see a problem

Drill. no. 6, fall np


House Press, Buffalo /Chicago, Michael Slosek

A Suite: Musky Smell of Learning

Drill. no. 6, fall np


House Press, Buffalo /Chicago, Michael Slosek

Two Water Touches

Two Gams for Two Mates

Gam  no 4  spring pp.27-32


gam a biannual survey of Great Lakes writing. 140 E. Concordia Milwaukee, WI53212 gam noun A social meeeting of two or more waleships...the two captains remaining for time on board Moby Dick.

Editor: Stacy Szymaszek. Cover: Robert Del Tredici “Dancing Coelacanths” Makkovik Labrador” Block Print


Drill # 4 Fall np


Michael Slosek  House Press, Buffalo /Chicago, IL

Making Love Not.


Drill Issue 3 np


House Press, Buffalo /Chicago, Michael Slosek (Includes:

Stolen From Eric Gelsinger. and  Love Valves and Compression

A Lake Poem for Lakers

gam no. 2 Spring  pp.8-12


gam a biannual survey of Great Lakes writing. 140 E. Concordia Milwaukee, WI53212 gam noun A social meeeting of two or more waleships...the two captains remaining for time on board Moby Dick.

Editor: Stacy Szymaszek

Two Poems: Adamant, From Inform to Information

House Organ no 42 Spring (Entire Issue)


House Organ c/o Kenneth Warren 1250 Belle Avenue Lakewood, Ohio 44107

Two Poems: Adamant, From Inform to Information

House Organ no 42 Spring (Entire Issue)


House Organ c/o Kenneth Warren 1250 Belle Avenue Lakewood, Ohio 44107

Storied Criticism--Leslie Fiedler

Kiosk, No. 2 np


A Journal of  of Poetry Poetics and Experimental Prose. Buffalo NY. Editors: Gordon Hadfield, Sasha Steensen and Kyle Schlesinger

Stamping Out Immorality With  Insects and Spiders

Earth’s Daughter 59/60

(Sheet of Postage Stamps Inserted)


Earth’s Daughters Collective, Kastle B rill, Joan E. Ford, Joyce Kessel, Patricia Colvard, Bonnie Johnson, Robin Kay Willoughy, ryki Zuckerman PO Box 41 Central Park Station, Buffalo NY 14215 Dedicated to Robin Kay Willoughby-1/9/48-9/1/2002

1956 Charles Olson

The Year Everything Chanaged

Side Show Magazine

Vol. 1 No. 2  np


Turnstyle Press 3313 N. Southport # 1B Chicago  IL

60657  Ed: Mark Knapke,

Winter: When Vikings Went South to Britain

NO EXIT v. viii n.4 p.6



No Exit PO Box 454, South Bend Indiana 46624-0454

Mike Amato Ed

Nobody Writes a Love Poem

House Organ no.34

(Entire Issue) Spring


House Organ c/o Kenneth Warren 1250 Belle Avenue Lakewood, Ohio 44107


Natalie Turns Generic, Millenium Marriage

Basinski  A Zine of the Arths Issue no.6


Edited by Natalie Basinski. Checks payable to Natalie  6+

“...four side show”

Side Show Magazine

Vol. 1 No. 1 backcover


Turnstyle Press 1826 W. School St. #2  Chicago IL 60657  Eds: Mark Knapke, Michael Haeflinger

Political Horn Book

And What Rough Beast

Poems at the End of the Century  pp. 170-171


Ashland Poetry Press, Ashland University, Ashland Ohio 44805. Editors: Robert McGovern, Stephen Haven. Cover “Surely Some Revelation is at Hand (W.B.Yeats 1920) John Thrasher

What did I do...

Burchfield Penny Art Center Nov 1-Dec 21            


Burchfield Penny Art Center, Don Metz Head Administration , News Letter

Lisa Brown, Editor Buffalo State College, Buffalo NY.

--of coming to be

No Exit vol 6 no 2 p 1



No Exit Press PO Box 454 South Bend Indiana 46624-0454   Editor:  Mike Amato.         Jacqueline Dickey contributed 5 unusually attractive examples of her art: polaroid transfers, with some unexpected titles: She Bottled the Sins of Ex-Lovers  and also I Never Felt So Articulate.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Homage to Gerald Burns

House Organ No. 24 Fall (Entire Issue)


House Organ c/o Kenneth Warren 1250 Belle Avenue Lakewood, Ohio 44107

War and Lechery the Poem

Ashland Poetry Press


Robert McGovern

War and Lechery Part II (Second Version Part  II before Book)

Exquisite Corpse, No. 51, pp13-21


Illinois State Universiity Unit for Contemporary Literature

Campus Box 4241, Normal Illinois 61790-4241

Editor Andrei Codrescu.  (Includes  Anselm Hollo, Tom Clark, James Laughlin, and Art by Gerald Burns)

War and Lechery Part II

House Organ No. 10 Spring (Entire Issue)


House Organ c/o Kenneth Warren 1250 Belle Avenue Lakewood, Ohio 44107 (First of the three states for Part II)


Cockles by the Sea

Maggi Meyer Listening.

Reeks of Joy

Scarecrow Poetry The Muse in Post Middle Age. p 128-130


Ashland Poetry Press, Ashland University, Ashland Ohio 44805. Editors: Robert McGovern, Stephen Haven Includes Robert Bly, Robert Creeley, X.J. Kennedy, Lisel Mueller,. W.D. Snodgrass, Gary Snyder, John Updike These three poems in #46 pp 6-12 Illinoi  ?

War and Lechery The Poem (Second Version of first half)

Exquisite Corpse No 46 pp6-12


Illinois State Universiity Unit for Contemporary Literature

Campus Box 4241, Normal Illinois 61790-4241

Editor Andrei Codrescu Issue Includes “Goodbye” by Robert Creeley

Keep Off the Grass

Wild Life Exhibit Family Approved



Nothing to Worry About



? House Organ?

War and Lechery The Poem

House Organ No. 5 Winter (Entire Issue)



House Organ c/o Kenneth Warren 1250 Belle Avenue Lakewood, Ohio 44107 (First of the three states)


Wish Full

House Organ no 3 June


House Organ c/o Kenneth Warren, 1250 Belle Avenue Lakewood OH 44107

Saw Mill

House Organ no.2


House Organ c/o Kenneth Warren, 1250 Belle Avenue Lakewood OH 44107

Fever Spreading into Light

Fever Spreading into Light :Five Lectures on the Sources of Energy in Writing Ashland Poetry Press, pp i-iv, 1- 70


Ashland Poetry Press, Ashland Ohio, 44805

...map to the Kingdom

Cf: Fever Spreading into Light pp 67-70.


Ashland Poetry Press, Ashland Ohio, 44805 (The poem is not printed elsewhere)

Heavy Metal from Pliny



Ashland Poetry Press

Let Us Now Ponder Great Big Rub Out

80 on the 80’s, p.11


Ashland Poetry Press, Ashland University, Ashland Ohio 44805. Editors: Robert McGovern, Joan Barranow. Dedicated to Richard Snyder co/founder editor Ashland Poetry Press (1925-1986)

Let Us Now Ponder




The Eye is a Piece of Brain Touching Light



Collegian Ashland Universiy

Poetics Generated by




Lists  ?




“Department of Creativity”

ACCENT, Ashland University,  Summer


Published by Ashland Uniiversity’s Public Relations Office, Ashland Ohio., 44805

“We  had a free weekend until they wanted to see the grandchildren”

Swift Kick  #5/6 np


Swift Kick 1711 Amherst St Buffalo NY 14214.

Robin K Willoughly

Hoffman Angelou Mottram

Contemporary Poetry

3rd edition



Prince and Populist

Reporter  Dec 8



Listening to Maggi Meyer

Poettalk Vol 15


Berkeley CA


Empire State College?


Dedekind Reprints

The Summer She Died

Swift Kick  #5/6 np


Swift Kick  1711 Amherst St Buffalo NY 14214.

Robin K. Willoughby

Three Poems

Swift Kick


Swift Kick  1711 Amherst St Buffalo NY 14214.

Robin K. Willoughby

R.O.M and other poems



Privately printed

Collage (of Robert Duncan

Jimmy and Lucy’s House of “k” 3 Jan. p35


LUCY’S HIP 2719a Stuart St. Berkeley, Ca. 94705

JIMMY’s House 1815 Piedmont 6 Oakland California 94611

Ed.s Benjamin Frieldland , Andrew Schelling

Write a Poem for My Girl

Buffalo News June 2


Buffalo NU

Joel Oppenheimer Talks About His Poetry

Credences: A Journal of Twentieth Century Poetry and Poetics,

New Series, vol 3,  no 3 , Fall


Credences: publication of The Poetry/Rare Books Collection of the University Libraries 420 Capen Hall, ,State University of New York at Buffalo, NY 14260

Creeley & Marisol



Oronoo Maine.

After Aelian

Funds—Burchfield Center


Buffalo NY

When My Neighbour’s Daughter Spreads Her Legs to Play the


Reprint courtesy of William L. Morris, Editor Poetry Page, Buffalo News




Spring Publishing


Texas (Revised, reprinted)

Creeley, Duncan, Zukofsky

Sagetrieb vol 2 no. 1



Sagetrieb, A Journal devoted to poets in the Pound-HD-Williams tradition. Senior Editors: Basil Bunting George Oppen Editor Caroll F. Terrell, Executive Editor Burton Hatlen

Melody Moves the Light

Sagetrieb Spring pp97-104


A Journal devoted to poets in the Pound-HD-Williams tradition. Senior Editors: Basil Bunting George Oppen Editor Caroll F. Terrell, Executive Editor Burton Hatlen

John Matthias

Credences  New Series 1/1/pp




Literary Review ?Vol 27 pp 26 27



Dig the Flower Children

Revision of Elegy to



I know everything about modern art but I don’t know what I like




Bring in the red wheelbarrow, stupid, it’s beginning to rain 



Reprinted Thanks to William L. Morris, Editor Poetry Page, Buffalo Evening News ©1982 Dedekind Reprints,  Buffalo NY.  

Honky in the Woodpile



Ashland Poetry Press

Flame Reproachfully Called Puritan



Concordia? Canada

Romanticism and Other Problems in Mathematics



Niagara Magazine

Barely in the Locker Room




A triumph like that can spoil everything




A Patch Maps out to the Globe Identically Green’s Even In Winter the Proof by Half Sphere’s follows



Typed on 8 ½ by 11 folded to 4 ¼ by 5 ½. In ink: “By Bill Sylvester Veighsmere Press Buffalo NY  Sherry Robbins Production Manager.

Hookerlumps in the Love Canal

70 on the 70’s p.11


Ashland Poetry Press,Ashland College, Ashband Ohio 44805

Editors:  Robert McGovern, Richard Snyder

Keeping Abreast

Kansas Quarterly vol 13 no. 3-4, Summer-Fall


Kansas Quarterly Department of English Kansas State University, Manhattan Kansas 66506

Beet  Movement

Chelsea 40 pp 112-116




80 on the 80’s


Ashland Poetry Press

Space Notes Around October in the Railroad Earth

Moody Street Irregulars, a Jack Kerouac Newsletter p 11 Summer Fall



Late Romantic Ending

Spree V. 14 no 2




Colman : the Gallo Roman


Comparative Literature Studies


Title Poem 70 on the 70’s


Ashland Poetry Press

Lines Upon Karl Gay’s Leaving the Poetry Collection

Single typed page, reprinted


Essentialy for Karl Gay and the staff of the Poetry Collection

Can’t Right

Spree Winter p. 107 ff


Spree 4511 Harlem Road Buffalo NY, Editor Gary L. Goss

John Winthrop

Inc. #3 Just Buffalo Press, p 24


Acknowledgment: Arts Development Services, :Bflo, N.Y. for a National Endowment for the Arts re-grant. Also special thanks to the New York State Council on the Arts. typeset by Debora Daley, Edited John Daley. Includes poems by Ed Sanders, Alice Notley, John Clarke, Dennis Maloney, Sonia Sanchez Joel Oppenheimer an d Ted Berrigan.

Two Poems:
Cepka  and Cigler

Aurora, The Novum Centrum Journal vol 1 no 1 March pp.42 43


Novum Centrum: a non profit corporation for the arts

1317 Genesee St Rochester NY 146111

“Jonathan Ketcham’s transition from Stanford to Bufcfalo resulted in the establishment  of a scholastic center in Clarence NY”

White Noise

Aurora The Novum Centrum Journal vol 1 no 2  © 1979


Aurora PO Box B Rochester N Y  14609. Editor Keating Gore

she doesn’t care for...



Just Buffalo Readings ADS/NEA  regrant Nov 3, ’78 Unsigned design.  Raymond Federman’s “Letter to a Friend” on one half.

Poster Poem




Robert Creeley’s Poetics I know that I hear you



Pp 193-210 Journal lost. Boundary 2 Spring Fall 192-210

F.M Stereo Your Public Radio Poem




“...your father tells you”

Aspect: Poetry, Fiction, Reviews No. 69 Oct-Dec. 1976 ©1977


Aspect, Inc. 66 Rogers Avenue, Somerville, MA 02144

Editors: Edward J. Hogan and Carol A. Trowbridge.

Romanticism and Other Problems in Mathematics

The Niagara Magazine Number 8 Fall, pp50-52


This issue had Michael Casey as guest editor .

Niagara Magazine Neil Baldwin, Editor. 195 Hicks St Brooklyn NY 11201

Telephone Bills from the Indians: a cento of Puritan  voices

Xerox, stapled 28 p



Concordia University, Summer Institute 1976

Leonard Mendelsohn, Director


Elegy for the Flower Children


Concordia Montreal


Une histoire touchante



Aspect Cambridge MA no. 69 p37


Entry on Hoffman Reprinted

Contemporary Poets



Policy is the Best Honesty

North Stone Review nos. 5-6  p. 182


North Stone Review University Station Box 14098

Minneapolis Minnesota  55414 Ed. James Naiden 1974-75

Four Books



North Stone Review

Litotes as a Life Style

Kansas Quarterly Fall



The Bargain

Perspective pp. 29-34


English Departmeent, State University of New York, Potsdam NY 13676 Editors Maria LoBalbo, Anthony Boyle, Allen Hoey, Krishna Baldev Vaid, Galand W. Pettys

Curses Omens Prayers



Ashland Poetry Press

Waging Love

Iowa Review Summer p.42


English department SUNY Potsdam NY 13676 Editors Mario LoBalbo anthony Bo Allen Hoey, Krishna Baldev Vaid, Garland W. Pettys

History Is Questioning

Begging Song from the Greek

Chelsea 30-31p.81-82



Fragment for



Puerto Rico

Pos elenee sta hellenike





Anthology of Greek Drama


Spring Publications,  Dallas Texas

(Reprint Originally Published Indianapolis c1972 Bobb Merrill  Eds Albeert Cook , Edwin Dolin

The Clown

Puerto Rico

Rapport Vol 1 Nos.2,3


The Slow Loris Press, 95 Rand Street Buffalo, NY 14216

Editors:  Tony Petrovsky, Rob Swigart

Prayer for Young Lovers

Omens in Wheat

Oyez Chicago 6-1 p.8



Je pige, eidw

Et maintenant no 3


Buffalo NY

Two Poems

We live in a happening

D.C. Gazette v iii n. 5 p5 Dec 15


109 8th St. NE Washington D.C. 20005

Ed:Sam Smith

From a Set of Inconsistencies

Contempora May-August vol 1. no 6.

Pp 7 -8


Contempora Inc. 74 Peachtree St. PO Box 673 Atlanta George. Editor Paula G. Putney. Includes a poem, Farmer’s Daughter by Annie Dillard

Id est

D.C> Gazette 3-5 p. 5


Washington D.C>


Grass Roots Forum, p 3, Jan 25


Grass Roots Forum  San Gabriel CA

Barbarous Knowledge







College English 29-1 pp 52-8

The Honky in the Woodpile

60 on the Sixties


Ashland Poetry Press, Ashland College , Ashland Ohio 44805 Ed: Robert McGovern.

Homage to Daniel Hoffman

Voyages, a National Literary Magazine Winter vol 2 no 1 and 2


2034 Allen Place, NW, Washington 20009 Printed by Community Press, Culpepper, Virginian. Editor William F. Claire

A cross tick

60 0n the 60’s


Ashland Poetry Pres

The Existence of a Disjunctive Principle in Poetry

College English January  pp 265 272


Original Issue Lost (?)


College English



The Self is Slurred

Nimroe 12-1 p 2






Polemic,  Winter 1966 vol xi no 1 p 20



Western Reserve University (published by the student of Flora Stone Mather College, Adelbert  College, Cleveland College (Includes Robert Bly, John Updike)

The Waverings of Will

Audit  v. 4 no. 2pp. 17-23


AUDIT/POETRY INCORPORATED 180 Winspear Ave.Bufalo NY 14214. Editors:   Michsal Anania, Charles Doria, Managing Editor:  Betty Cohen

Missed Her Slumber  

Radio Play


WCVM Cleveland

Jonson’s Come My Celia and Catullus

CARMEN V ad lesbiam

Explicator Vol. xxii, no. 5 January


The Explicator,  Box 10, University of South Carolina Columbia, SC



Assertions of Virtue

Western Humanities Review Winter


English Department University of Utah

Salt Lake City 12, Utah Ed” Jack Garlington



Public Speaking

Chemical Engineering

67-16,  pp46-47



An Essay upon Excess

The Commonweal pp 46-47 ?



Technical Writing

Pipe Line Industry pp 50-52  July



Technical Writing

Petroleum Refiner 37-4 pp253-5



Diesel Fuels

Construction Methods 40-1



Sestina at the Sea

Poetry, A Magazine of Verse, v.92.no 6.p 362


1918 N. State St. Chicago 10, Illinois

Henry Rago

The Education of JP

Kansas Magazine pp 44-48



Controversial subjects

CollegeEnglish 15-8 461-462



Notes on Horace

Classical Journal 48-25 Ode




Explicator Vol, 10, no. 7 May


The Explicator, Box 3924, Rivermount Station, Lynchburg, Va.

Marianne Moore

Explicator VII-4



The Housewife

The West Review Vol 12, no. 2 Winter p.90


The Western review: formerly Rocky Mountain Review, Ray B. West Jr. editor. University of Kansas Press Lawrence Kansas.


French Review XX-4


(To 1948?)

Selected and Critical Bibliography of the Uncollected Works of Katherine Anne Porter

Bulletin of  Bibliography and Dramatic Index Jan.-April. p. 36


F.W. Faxon Company 83 Francis St. Boston MAs

(Included as a monument to graduate student despair)


Matrix 1946-1947p. 17


Matrix published by Joseph Moskovitz 1500 W.Nedro Avenue, Philadelphia 41, PA. Includes Charles Bukoski, a poem “Object Lesson” p 46, and also (pp 46-47), a story “Love, Love, Love”(pp 46-47)  1918

Segrais and Boileau

Romanic Review, April 1946 Re



Columbia University, New York, NY.

















The Beet Movement

Single fold 4 ¼ by 5 1/2


Reproduced handwritten dedication to Sherry Robbins






























1994       Fever Spreading into Light            Ashland Poetry Press

1994 Wild Life Exhibit Family         Reprint: Keep Off the Grass

1994 War and Lechery                House Organ Cleveland Ohio

1994 Listening to Maggi Meyer       Scarecrow Poetry

1994 Cockles by the Sea             These three poems in

1994                                No. 46  pp 6-12 (Illinois

1993 Wish Full                      House Organ, Cleve. Ohio

1993                      Number 2, Spring 1992 np

1993 Nothing to Worry About         House Organ, Cleveland Ohio

1993   (Part I)                     #5 Winter 1994  Entire Issue

1992 Heavy Metal From Pliny         Ashland Poetry Press

1992 Five Lectures on the Sources   Lectures, Ashland University

1992 Fever Spreading into Light     Ashland Poetry Press

1990 St. Bernard's Prayer              Intent, Vol.2 no.1 p.11

1990 Let us Now Ponder              Title Poem

1989 The Eye is a Piece of         The Collegian Ashland Ohio    

1989 Poetics Generated by           Reporter                     

1989 Lists                         The Collegian Ashland Ohio    

1989 Hoffman, Angelou, Mottram     3rd Edition Contemporary

1988 Prince and Populist Ed.       Reporter, Buffalo Dec 8, Vol. 

1988 Listening to Maggi Meyer     Poettalk Berkeley CA Vol 15,  

1988 Empire State College          Dedekind Reprints August 1988

1987 Three Poems:                   SWIFT KICK, 

1987 R.O.M. & Other Poems           Privately printed             

1985 Write a Poem for My Girl                      The Buffalo News, June 2,

1985 Collage (Rob't Duncan) Jimmy & Lucy's House of K #3, p. 35

1985 Collage (Rob't Duncan)       Jimmy & Lucy's House of K #3,                                                                                             Jan 1985 p. 35

1984 Creeley & Marisol             The Workshop Sagetrieb,

1984 After Aelian                   Funds: Burchfield Center

1983 Reprint:trans.Agamemnon       Spring Publishing, Texas      

1983 Melody Moves the Light      Sagetrieb,Spring 1983, pp 97-104     John Matthias            Credences, New Series, 1/1 pp

1983 Feedback                       Literary Review V 27 pp.26-27 

1983 Dig the Flower Children        Reprint/revision of Elegy

1982 Romanticism & Other            Niagara Mag. Reprint

1982 I Know Everything About Art But I Don’t But I Don’t Know

1982 Honky in the Woodpile          Ashland Poetry Press          

1982 Flame Reproachfully

1982 Bring in the Red Wheelbarrow

1982 Barely in the Locker Room      Buffalo Poetry Page Reprint 

1982 A Triumph Like That                                         

1981 Two Poems                      Escarpments V.2 n1 Buffalo

1981 Keeping Abreast               Kansas Quarterly Vol 13 Summer

1981 Beet Movement                 Chelsea,40 pp.112-116

1981                                80 on the 80's

1980 Oct.in the Railroad Earth     Moody Street Irregulars (Jack 

1980 Late Romantic Ending      Buffalo Spree V.14, No.3. 117-121

1980 Coleman: The Gallo-   Comparative Literature Studies

1980 70 on the 70's                                           Title Poem, Anthology,

1979 Winthrop                       Inc. 3, pp 24-25

1979 White Noise                   Aurora, I-2, pp. 24-28        

1979 Can't Right                                Buffalo Spree Winter 1979     

1978 Robert Creeley's Poetics  Boundary 2, Spring/Fall pp 193-210    

1978 Poster Poem                   ADS/NEA Grant Just Buffalo

1978 F.M. Stereo:Your

1978 Cepka                         Aurora, Novum Centrum Journal 

1976 Telephone Bills from          Montreal, Canada

1976 Elegy for the F.C.            Concordia Summer Session      

1976   [No title]                   Aspect Cambridge MA No.69     

1975 Contemporary Poets            Entry on Hoffman, reprinted   

1975                                                                                                       Montreal, Canada'76 

1975 Review of four books            North Stone Review            

1975 Litotes as a Life Style       Kansas Quarterly,Fall         

1974 The Bargain        Perspectives (Potsdam,NY Spring pp 29- 34 

1974 Curses,Omens, Prayers         Ashland Poetry Press, Ashland

1973 Waging Love                   Iowa Review 4/3 pp.42-54      

1973 History is Questioning        Chelsea 30/31 p. 81           

1973 Fragment for FRAGMENTS               Fragments, N.Y. 6             

1973 Begging Song from the Greek   Chelsea 30/31 p.82            

1973  Pos ellenee sta              

1973   Poem                         Aspect Oct Dec 76, p 37       

1972 Une histoire touchante          ibid                          

1972 Trans: Agamemnon             Anthology of Greek Drama,     

1972 The Clown                     Rapport I,2-3, pp. 45-46      

1972 Prayer for young lovers       Oyez Chicago 6-1, p.8         

1972 Omens in Wheat                     Oyez Chicago 6-1, p.8         

1972 Je pige, eido                 et maintenant, no 3. hiver

1971 We live in a happening,why                                  

1971 Translations, German         Electronic Review Spring 1967 

1971 Set of inconsistencies               Contempora 1-6 pp 7-8         

1971 Id Est                        D.C. Gazette 3-5, p.5         

1970 Sangria                       Grass Roots Forum 3-8, p.3    

1970 Review: Barbarous Know-      College English 29-1, pp. 62-8

1970 Review: Barbarous Know-       College English 29-1, pp. 62-8

1970 Honky in the Woodpile         Ashland Poetry Press          

1970 Daniel Hoffman's Poetry       Voyages, Washington D.

1970 A Cross Tick                                            60 on the 60's Ashland P Press               

1967 The Self is Slurred           Nimrod 12-1 p.2               

1967 Essay, a Disjunctive          College English Jan.,pp265-272    

1966 Thalassaregressionszug         Polemic Winter, p. 20         

1965 Waverings of Will             Audit IV-2, pp. 17-23         

1965 Missed Her Slumber            Radio Play, WCVM Cleveland    

1964 Jonson & Catullus         Explicator XII 5 Jan 64       

1963 Europa                        Western Humanities Review 17-1

1963 Eclogue                       Western Humanities XVII-No. 4  

1963 Assertions of Virtue          Western Humanities R17-3 p222    

1960 Public Speaking         Chemical Engineering 67-16, pp 143-4

1959 An Essay upon Excess          The Commonweal,   pp. 46-47   

1958 Technical Writing        Pipe Line Industry 9-1 pp50-2, July     

1958 Technical Writing           Petroleum Refiner 37-4 pp 253-5       

1958 Sestina at the Sea           Poetry Chicago92-6, p 362  

1958 Diesel Fuels                 Construction Methods 40-1     

1958 Diesel Fuels                             Construction Methods 40-1     

1957 The Education of J.P.         Kansas Magazine pp 44-48      

1954 Controversial Subjects       College English 15-8,461-462  

1953 -1958 Notes on Horace   Classical Journal:48-25,Ode

1952 Baudelaire                    Explicator,X-7,47. May        

1949 Marianne Moore                Explicator VII-4, Feb         

1947 Katherine Anne Porter           Bulletin of Bibliography 19-2,

1947  Reviews: 1948               The French Review XX-4, 327-8 

1946 Segrais and Boileau    Romanic Review 37:162-67, 186-192

1946 Definition,                   Matrix, Winter p. 17