Selected quotes from Jonathan Skinner's intro to
Joanne Kyger's TRAVEL POEMS

Joanne Kyger: 

"If you think you are responsible for an entire institution, time to go to Mexico."

(«Patzcuaro») Jonathan Skinner:

Olson took SPACE to Yucatan, digging with a spade that, while Melville may have brought it home from his journeys on the open seas, was nevertheless a very (North) American spade. A counter development highlights the local, as in Olson's Gloucester...

[Jonathan also makes a contrast to Olson by quoting Creeley:]


I want to get off the fucking world and sit down in a chair, and be there.

4/21 (Hello) [New Directions] [From Olson Letter 27:]

An American is a complex of occasions, themselves a geometry of spatial nature. I have this sense, that I am one with my skin Plus this--plus this that forever the geography which leans in on me I compel backwards I compel Gloucester to yield, to change Polis is this