William A.Sylvester, Ph.D. 
Professor, English Department 
State University of New York 
at Buffalo, Amherst, N.Y 
Born: Washington, D.C. July 1, 1918 
Married: June 13, 1947, Jean Grover 
Children: David (m. Christine Barth) 
               Anne (m. Steven Herbert) 
               Judith, & Rachel (m. Dinesh Bhushan)              

Grandchildren: Evan and Lara Sylvester
               Nikil Bhushan          
William Penn Charter     Philadelphia,Pa.    1936    Cum Laude 
Columbia College         New York, N.Y       1936-40 Honors in
Sorbonne                 Paris, France       1938-39 Cours de
U. of Cologne            Cologne, Germany    1939    Summer
George Washington        Washington D. C.    1940-41 Night School
U. of Chicago            Chicago Ill.        1946-47 M.A.
U. of Minnesota          Minneapolis, Minn   1947-51 Ph.D.
Donovan Liesure Newton & Lombard, Office               1940-41 
Washington D.C. 
U.S.Naval Reserve                  Navigator, Naval    1941-45 
                                   Air Transport,E.T.O   
Tutored students                   Chicago, Illinois   1945-46 
Substitute Teaching                Chicago, P.S        1945-46 
U. of Minnesota                    Instructor          1947-50 
Wrote Thesis                       Minneapolis, Minn.  1950-51 
U. of Oregon                       Instructor          1951-52 
Kansas State College               Assistant Prof.     1952-57 
Standard Oil Co. Ohio              Editor, Tech. Publ. 1957-1960  
(Sohio, Cleveland)                  
Fenn College,[Cleve.State]         Lecturer, Eve. Div. 1958-59 
Case Institute of Technology       Assistant Professor 1960-65 
Cleveland, Ohio 
Evening Seminar Virgil 
[Team teaching with Prof. Bliss]   Western Reserve U.  1960 
Visiting Lecturer English Dep't    Western Reserve U.  1964 
SUNY Buffalo                       Associate Professor 1965-69 
                                   Professor           1969-88 
Sir George Williams                Summer Session      1968 
Concordia University               Summer Session      1976 
Writer-in-Residence                Ashland College     1988- 
CASE INSTITUTE 1960-1965  
Director of Freshman Composition 
Dean's Representative,Advanced Placement 
Coordinator Department Advanced Placement Program 
Departmental Representative for Recruiting Personnel 
President Cleveland Classical Society 1963-1964 
SUNYAB 1965-1971 
Chairman Summer Session, Acting Chairman, Department.  
Director of Graduate Assistants. Executive Committee (1966-1969) 
Director Electronic Poetry Workshop (1967-1968) 
Consultant, U. of Quebec. Montreal (1970-1971) 
Acting Director of Comparative Literature 
Search committees 
Faculty Senate,  
Faculty Senate Executive Committee, 
Millard Fillmore Liaison,  
Millard Fillmore Individual 
Major, Junior and Senior Committees Recruiting. 
Trustee Niagara Erie Writers 
Judge, various contests, Hallwalls. U.B. 
Cleveland Heights Ohio             Latin, Aeneid and Roman
History 1960-1961    
Williamsville East                 Data lost 
Science Magnet School              Poet in Residence 1983 
Buffalo P.S. 11                    Poet in Residence 1984 
Buffalo P.S. 81                    Poet in Residence 1984 
Emerson Tech.Buffalo               Writer in Residence 
                                        March 18-22, 1985 
Hutch Tech. Buffalo                Writer in Residence,-  
                                        April 22-26, 1985 
Ashland and Mansfield Ohio         Spring 1992
Ford Fellowship, Latin and Greek, Harvard, 1954-55 
Lambda Alpha Psi, Pi Delta Phi, U. of Minnesota 
Foley's Roll of Honor, Best Short Stories 1955 
World Prize Stories, 1958 
Directory of Scholars 1969 
Marquis, Who's Who in the East 1988 
Poems on the Occasion of Bill Sylvester's Retirement 
(Robert Bertholf, Editor, August 1988) 
Poems on the Occasion of Bill Sylvester's Retirement 
Rob Swigart, August 1988 
Poettalk Prize, Berkeley CA, March, 1989 
Ashland Times Gazette Jan 19, 1989 
Mansfield News Journal April 2nd, 1989 "Personality" 3-H 
News Journal Mansfield Jan 27 1989 3-C "Fiction Writer and Poet"  
Writer in Residence Ashland University Spring 1992 (see High
BOOKS--    Titles                  Publisher (or Funding) 
1974 Curses,Omens, Prayers         Ashland Poetry Press, Ashland
Ohio                1976  

1976 Elegy for the F.C.            Concordia Summer Session       
1976 Telephone Bills from          Montreal, Canada 
          the Indians                                             

1982 Honky in the Woodpile         Ashland Poetry Press           
1984 After Aelian                  Funds: Burchfield Center 
     Listening to the Ice          Just Buffalo, Buffalo NY 
1987 R.O.M. & Other Poems          Privately printed              
1992 Fever Spreading into Light    Ashland Poetry Press

CHAPBOOKS  Title:                  Funding/Place of support       

1978 Poster Poem                   ADS/NEA Grant Just Buffalo
Nov.3 1978  
1982 Romanticism & Other           Niagara Mag. Reprint 
          Problems in Mathematics                                 
1982 Barely in the Locker Room     Buffalo Poetry Page Reprint  
1982 Flame Reproachfully Called Puritan                           
                                   Foothill Conference, CA,       
1983 Dig the Flower Children       Reprint/revision of Elegy for
                                   Summer Session Concordia '76  

1992 Heavy Metal From Pliny        Ashland Poetry Press
1946 Definition,                   Matrix, Winter p. 17           
1958 Sestina at the Sea            Poetry, Chicago 92-6 p.362     
1959 An Essay upon Excess          The Commonweal,   pp. 46-47    
1963 Europa                        Western Humanities Review 17-1 
1963 Assertions of Virtue          Western Humanities Rev. 17-3
          By Trajan                                               
1963 Eclogue                       Western Humanities Review
XVII-No. 4   
1965 Waverings of Will             Audit IV-2, pp. 17-23          
1966 Thalassaregressionszug        Polemic Winter, p. 20          
1967 The Self is Slurred           Nimrod 12-1 p.2                
1970 Sangria                       Grass Roots Forum 3-8, p.3     
                                   San Gabriel California         
1970 Honky in the Woodpile         Ashland Poetry Press           
                                   60 on the 60's                 

1971 Id Est                        D.C. Gazette 3-5, p.5          
1971 We live in a happening,why                                   
          should we pay for one?   D.C. Gazette 3-5, p.5          
1971 From a Set of                 Contempora 1-6 pp 7-8          
          Inconsistencies          (Emory University)             
1972 Prayer for young lovers       Oyez Chicago 6-1, p.8          
1972 Omens in Wheat                Oyez Chicago 6-1, p.8          
1972 The Clown                     Rapport I,2-3, pp. 45-46       
     Puerto Rico                   Rapport I, 2-3 pp.47-49        
1972 Je pige, eido                 et maintenant, no 3. hiver
          Une histoire touchante   ibid                           
1973 History is Questioning        Chelsea 30/31 p. 81            
1973 Begging Song from the Greek   Chelsea 30/31 p.82             
1973 Pos ellenee sta               Kansas Quarterly               
          hellenika                5-3 pp. 38-9                   
1973 Fragment for FRAGMENTS        Fragments, N.Y. 6              
1973 Poem                          Aspect Oct Dec 76, p 37        
     Romanticism & Other Problems  Niagara Magazine               
          In Mathematics             
                                   (N.Y) No. 8. pp 50-2           
1976 [No title]                    Aspect, Cambridge MA           
                                   No. 69, p.37                   
1978 F.M. Stereo:  
     Your Public Radio Poem        Hartford Courant Nov. 27,1978 
1978 Cepka                         Aurora, Novum Centrum Journal  
     Ciglar                        I-1, Rochester                 
1979 White Noise                   Aurora, I-2, pp. 24-28         
1979 Winthrop                      Inc. 3, pp 24-25 
                                   Just Buffalo Press            

1980 70 on the 70's                Ashland Poetry Press           
                                    Title Poem, Anthology         
1981 Beet Movement                 Chelsea,40 pp.112-116 
1981 Two Poems                     Escarpments Vol 2, No 1.
1982 Barely in the Locker Room     Buffalo News                  

1982 I Know Everything About 
           Modern Art But I Don't  
           Know What I Like        Buffalo News                  

1982 A Triumph Like That                                          
          Can Spoil Everything     Buffalo News                  

1982 Bring in the Red Wheel 
          Barrow Stupid,  
          It's Beginning to Rain   Buffalo News                  

1983 Feedback                      Literary Review V 27 pp.26-27  
1985 Write a Poem for My Girl      The Buffalo News, June 2, 1985

     Hutch Tech 4/22/85                                           
1987 Three Poems:                  SWIFT KICK,  
                                   April 1987 Buffalo, N.Y.       
     Swift Kick Poem               (n.p.)                         

     "We had a free week-end 
     until they wanted to see  
     they wanted to see the  
     The Summer She Died
1988 Listening to Maggi Meyer      Poettalk Berkeley CA Vol 15,   
     Listening to Poetry           no 51 
                                   November, 1988 
1989 Poetics Generated by          Reporter                      

1990 Let us Now Ponder             Title Poem
                                   80 on the 80's
                                   A Decades History in Verse    

                                   Ashland Poetry Press

1990 St. Bernard's Prayer          3/15/90 Poetry Page, B.E.News
                                   Also, Intent, Vol. 2 no. 1
1993 Nothing to Worry About        House Organ, Cleveland Ohio
     in Heraclitus
1993 Saw Mill                      Number 2, Spring 1992 np
1993 Wish Full                     House Organ, Cleve. Ohio
                                   Number 3, June 1993 np
1994 War and Lechery               House Organ Cleveland Ohio
     (Part I)                      #5 Winter 1994 (Entire Issue)
                                   Reprinted: Exquisite Corpse
                                   No. 46 1994 pp 6-12 (Illinois
                                   State University)
1994 War and Lechery               House Organ, Cleve.. Ohio
     Part II                       #10 Spring 1995 Entire. Issue

1994 Wild Life Exhibit Family     Reprint: Keep Off the Grass
     Approved                      Ed. Sean Casey. Andover MA
1994 Cockles by the Sea            These three poems in 
1994 Listening to Maggi Meyer      Scarecrow Poetry 
     Listening to Poetry           The Muse in Post Middle Age
     A Student Wrote               Ashland Poetry Press pp 128-9
     Reeks of Joy
     Can You Believe It
     Reeks of Joy
     What do They Learn In 
     High School These Days
1995 War and Lechery Part II       Reprinted Exquisite Corpse
                                   #51 pp 13-21 (Ill. State U.)
1946 Story, Mirror Press           Springfield Mass               
1954 The Death of Francisco        New World Writing #5           
                                   (Foley's Roll of Honor, 1955)  
                                   (World Prize Stories, 1958)    
1957 The Education of J.P.         Kansas Magazine pp 44-48       
1965 Missed Her Slumber            Radio Play, WCVM Cleveland     
          Tancred & Gismunda       Radio Adaptation of Eliz. Play
                                   Robert Conrad, Producer        
1973 Waging Love                   Iowa Review 4/3 pp.42-54       
1974 The Bargain                   Persepctives (Potsdam, N.Y)    
                                   Spring, pp.29-34               
1979 Can't Right                   Buffalo Spree Winter 1979      
1980 Late Romantic Ending          Buffalo Spree V.14, No.3. pp
1981 Keeping Abreast               Kansas Quarterly Vol 13 Summer 
BROADSIDES                         privately printed after two
A Patch Maps Out to the Globe, Identically Green's               
                Even in Winter The Proof by Half-Spheres Follows  
A Triumph Like That Can Spoil Everything                         
Barely in the Locker Room                                        
Daddy Digs Feminism                                              
Happy Valentine's Day Pickup Poem                                
I Know Everything About Modern Art But I Don't Know What I Like  
It Was A Hard Fight With a Short Stick The Day He                
                Overdrew His Account at the Sperm Bank            
Karl Gay Leaves Lockwood                                         

Screw the Sexual Revolution                                      
The Deep Freeze Love Joy Layercake                               
Wild Life Exhibit Family Approved                                
1946 Segrais and Boileau           Romanic Review 37:162-67,
1967 Essay, a Disjunctive          College English Jan.,
     Principle in Poetry                                          
1970 Daniel Hoffman's Poetry       Voyages, Washington D.
1975 Litotes as a Life Style       Kansas Quarterly,Fall          
1978 Robert Creeley's Poetics      Boundary 2, Spring/Fall pp.
1980 Oct.in the Railroad Earth     Moody Street Irregulars (Jack  
                                   Kerouac Newsletter) Su-Fall
1983 Melody Moves the Light        Sagetrieb,Spring 1983, pp
     [nd] John Matthias            Credences, New Series, 1/1 pp
1984 Creeley & Marisol             The Workshop Sagetrieb,
     Punctuated Equilibria         Boundary 2, pp. 313-329    
1988 Empire State College          Dedekind Reprints August 1988 
     Wordsworth Lectures
1992 Five Lectures on the Sources
     of Energy in Literture        Ashland State College Ashland
REVIEWS, TRANSLATIONS, NOTES                                      
1947 -1948 Reviews:                The French Review XX-4, 327-8  
                                   Poetry, A Magazine of Verse:   
                                   70-5, 278-282 Aug. '47         

                                   72-6,326-329,Sept '48          
1947 Katherine Anne Porter         Bulletin of Bibliography 19-2,
1949 Marianne Moore                Explicator VII-4, Feb          
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                                   Kansas Magazine 1958 p.75      
1954 Controversial Subjects        College English 15-8,461-462   
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1970 Review: Barbarous Know-       College English 29-1, pp. 62-8 
          ledge,Daniel Hoffman                                    
1971 Translations, German          Electronic Review Spring 1967  
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1975 Review of four books          North Stone Review             
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1975?Contemporary Poets            Entry on Hoffman, reprinted    
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p. 35 Jan 1985
1989 Hoffman, Angelou, Mottram     3rd Edition Contemporary
Poets, St. James
     Meltzer, McClure              Press London, revised for 4th
1990 St. Bernard's Prayer          Intent, Vol.2 no.1 p.11 
JOURNALISM & INDUSTRIAL                                           
1958 Diesel Fuels                  Construction Methods 40-1      
                                   pp. 187-8 January              
1958 Technical Writing             Petroleum Refiner 37-4 pp      
1958 Technical Writing             Pipe Line Industry 9-1 pp      
        50-2, July   
1960 Public Speaking               Chemical Engineering 67-16, pp 
                                   Reprinted in Effective
                                   ed. Harry Hand, Van Nostrand,
1988 Prince and Populist Ed.       Reporter, Buffalo Dec 8, Vol.  
         20 #14 p.4 
1989 The Eye is a Piece of         The Collegian Ashland Ohio     
    Brain Touching Light 
        Vol. 66 #10 p.3 
                                   Feb 2, 1989 
1989 Lists                         The Collegian Ashland Ohio     
         Feb. 23 Vol.66 
                                   Number 7 p.7 
1989 Education & International 
     Relations                     The Reporter Feb 23, 1989 Vol. 
                                   Number 19 p.4                  
1989 Inconsistent purposes         The Collegian, Ashland College 

                                   Masques Literary Supplement    
         May 4th 1989 
1989 Nostalgic...India             English Newsletter
                                   Vol 3, No 1. pp.4-6 Summer 89
                                   Ashland College, Ashland Ohio
1989 Dep't of Creativity           Accent, Summer 89 p.,27
                                   Ashland University 
                                   Ashland, Ohio                 
1989 Bad Writing        
Reporter, Sept 7th 89 pp4 ff                                      

1971 Literary Changes in           Modern Language Association    
          an Age of Cancer         Dec.27                         
1972 Octavio Paz & Am. Lit         U. of Puerto Rico, Cayey, Feb
1972 Tardieu                       DePaul University, March
     Electronic Poetry             do                             
1972 King Lear                     Avonian Society Buffalo, May
1973 Whitman y Neruda              University of Antioqua         
1973 Whitman y Neruda              UPB La Playa, Medellin, Feb.
14, 1973  
                                   Medellin, Colombia  Feb. 13    
                                   Pontifical University, Feb 14  
1973 Vallejo y Neruda              WBFO, March 31                 
1973 Shakespeare                   San Jose State, CA Nov.23      
1973 Writing abt Tech              Ashland College April 25       
     T.S. Eliot: 
     He do the pol- 
     ice in different voices       April 26     9:00 a.m.         
     Phenom.appr. to Milton        do       10:00                 
          Cervantes and the N.W.   do       12:00                 
          L'argot et la litt.      do       1:00  p.m             
1974 Modern Poetry                 Ashland College April 24       
1977 Electronic Poetry             Geneseo Community College May
1977 Poetry of Michael Casey       San Francisco State, April 26  
1977 Delmore Schwartz and          San Jose State,April 27        
          the History of Father                                   
1977 Three Women Writers           San Mateo State, CA April 29   
1983 Lara, Adoum,Whitman           Quito,Guayaquil,Cuenca         
          Williams                 Ecuador, March 23-25           
1985 Waves from South America      Ashland College, March 13      
1987 Charles Olson/                Mt. Vernon, Iowa, Cornell
          A.N. Whitehead           Sunday April 12.               
1987 "Modern /17th Century Poetry: Ashland College, Ashland Ohio 
     "If it's not Baroque, 
     don't fix it." 
     (Class lecture)               April 28, 1987 
     Word Pushers and Pushy Words (Public Lecture) April 28,
1988 Impromptu Love poems          Feb.14, 12-4:00 p.m. A.M.&A's 
1988 Wordsworth: Lyrical Ballads   Empire State College July 11 
       "         Tintern Abbey          "               July 18 
     Wordsworth: Prelude           Empire State College July 25 
        "         Ode (Int)             "               Aug. 2 
1988  American Intellectual His.   Coimbatore Book Club Tamil
                                   India, December 19th 1988      
READINGS                           Conferences                    
1958 Western Reserve                                              
1968 Summer Session                Sir George Williams, Montreal  
1972 Poetry Reading                U. of Puerto Rico, Cayey Feb.
23 1972  
1972 to 85:                        Locally, WBFO Black Cat,       
                                   Nietsches, St. Paul's          
                                   U.B.Advisory Council           

                                   Just Buffalo, Burchfield       

                                   Writer's Cramp Student Series. 
                                   University of P. R. Cayey      

1973 Reading of Poetry             Centro Colombo-American,
Medellin  Feb 14 
1973 Telephone Bills...            College D April 24            

     Legends from the Hairy Queen  WBFO      April 30            

1974 Ashland College Poetry        Ashland, Ohio, April 24 
                                          Reading (Book Public) 
1976 Contemporary Poetry Fest      San Jose State, CA, April 27   
1978 SUNY FESTIVAL Albany          November 6-8                   
1982 Foothill College Creative     Foothill College Los Altos CA  
          Writing Conference       June 24-29                     
1982 Chaired Section               NCTE Adult Basic Ed. Nov. 20
                                    [2 others, Tech. Writing,
                                    & other NCTE, MLA, CCCC,
                                    conferences: data lost]       
1983 Foothill College Conference (?)Or 81?                        

1986 Ashland College Poetry R.     October 18, 1986 
1986 Writer's Cramp                Dec. 11, 1986, benefit
1987 Niagara Erie Writer's         Feb. 13, 1987   
1987 Mt. Vernon, Iowa              April 13, 1987 
          Cornell College 
1988 Foothill Conference           June 23-30 
1988 Charles Olsons Poetry         WBFO Buffalo NY Recorded
                                   23 1988 
1989 Reading In Memoriam           Just Buffalo, Jan. 27, 1989 
     George Butterick 
1989 In Memoriam R. Snyder         Ashland Poetry Room, Feb 21
1989 Poetry Reading                Ashland College March 16th    
1989 Reading Celebration 
         Poetry Room SUNY at Buffalo
     of John Logan Archives        Wed. Oct 25, 1989              
PUBLIC SERVICE                                                   
Carta Blanca, Magazine 1973 Distributed to S.A.                  
Reading ms for Publishers                                        
Essay on myth and a poem for  the celebration of Robert Graves'
90th birthday. This was    

October 11, 1985. 
Interview with Joel Oppenheimer, CREDENCES New Series, Volume 3,  

Number 3, pp. 69-76 Fall 1985 
Translated the following for the benefit of researchers at Friday 

Harbor Laboratory, University of Washington 
ber die Wirkung der Zentralifugenbehandlung auf den lebendigen    
Zellinhalt (Untersuchungen an Cladophora) von Irmgard Lanz 
Archiv fr Experimentelle Zellforschung 23:220-24 (1939). 
ber die Wirkung des Zentrifugierens auf die Viskositt des         
lebenden Protoplasmas von Ernst Kster Kolloid Zeitschrift,        
    89:237-238 (1939) 
Weitere Beobachtungen zur Bildung des Spaltffnungs Musters in     
der Blattepidermis, zur Frage des Gruppenbildung von Herta        

Sagromsky. Zeitschrift fr Naturforschung 56:360-367 (1950) 
Consultation for Mt. Vernon Iowa, Cornell College on Integration 
Undergraduate Graduate Critical Theory, also continued in New     

York City, CUNY and SUNY April 17th-19th.                         
Published Rob Swigart Presents Jerome Klinkowitz, Veighsmere
August, 1988 
Two radio plays, written and produced in WCLV Cleveland, 
but most of the data are lost. Redone in Buffalo, and other 
stations. (At least ten of these, but only two postcards remain   

and these are ambiguous: Jun 69 John Davlin Station Manager       

             WGSU(FM)  SUNY Geneseo 14454; Jul 69 KVSC FM  
             Los Angeles 90007  Howard  Gersching (?) Director 
1982 A Western Scenario by Edmund Spenser, Or Legends from the    
Hairy Queene     Veighsmere Press,    WBFO                    
1992 Interview Ashland University TV; Radio Eulogy for Alex Haley