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Damn! This page is hard to read with its rocky background image.

So are we all hard to read with our rocky background image. The teachings of Gurdjieff is an oral tradition. Our rocks prevent movement beyond the most initial reading.

Unless you need to browse the web for the The Teaching of Gurdjieff, or an Overview of Gurdjieff in America: An Overview or the Gurdjieff Home Page, why waste your time and energy with Fourth Way and Gurdjieff newsgroup & stuff? Get serious, listen to Mr. William Segal at read some books and write the Gurdjieff Foundation in New York, and try to WORK with

Like what it does not like.

So if you usually view web pages with IMAGES ON, then view this page with IMAGES OFF.

If you you usually view pages with IMAGES OFF, then view this page with IMAGES ON


Me? I wish to unify some of those I's. With a little help from G.I.Gurdjieff to Louise March to Scott Williams.

Other web links:

A short list of things to read:


  1. G.I. GURDJIEFF: All and Everything: Beelzebub's Tales to his Grandson; Meetings With Remarkable Men; Views from the Real World
  2. Tomas and Olga de Hartmann: Our Lives With Mr. Gurdjieff
  3. P.D. Ouspensky: The Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution
  4. C.S. Nott: Teachings of Gurdjieff
  5. Magazines/Journals: Parabola; Material for Thought
  6. Rene Dumal: Mount Analogue


Non-Gurdjieff yet useful (to me):


  1. Idries Shah: Nasrudin
  2. Farid ud-Din Attar: The Conference of the Birds
  3. Malidoma Patrice Som&eacute: Of Water and Spirit
  4. Eiji Yoshikawa: Musashi (A folk Novel of Japan)
  5. Carlos Castenada: Journey to Ixtlan
    The Tibetan Book of the Dead


Opened 1/27/96

Last Update 1/18/99.

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