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Math Sites on the Web:

  1. Want an elementary view into some mathematics, see Mega-Math; there, my 10 year old daughter, Eve, and I have registered at the Hotel .
  2. A list of who's mathematically online is maintained by the Penn State University Mathematics Dept.
  3. Math Forum (for K-12, College, and Advanced Math issues.
  4. National Academy of Sciences
  5. Mathematics History: where you can find (European) History of Mathematics Information and some Babylonian and Egyptian Mathematics.
  6. Egyptian Mathematics bibliography.
  7. Babylonian Mathematics Bibliography.
  8. MATH FAQS where, among other things, you can find Special Numbers in Mathematics.
  10. The Yahoo Mathematics Section makes searching easy
  11. Math Reviews author lookup.
  12. The number 17 and Yellow pigs.
  13. India Mathematics, a course.
  14. Wolfram Rearch, the makers of the computer program Mathematica.
  15. Calculus@Internet
  16. Symbolic Dynamics on the WWW
  17. The problem competition
  18. 150+ Math links
  19. The mathematician's F-word: Fractals
  20. A Gallery of Interactive On-Line Geometry
  21. Mathematician John Conway's Game of Life
  22. Zentralblatt für Mathematik Mathematics Abstracts 1931-1996
  23. Conference for African American Research in Mathematics
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  • SCIENCE & TECHNLOGY on the Web
    1. The Exploratorium Science Museum of San Francisco
    2. Wacky patent of the month
    3. Einstein's buddy Immanuel Velikovsky.
    4. My favorite scientist, Nikola Tesla
    5. Surfin' with your kids? Check out FUNKY DINASAUR LAND
    6. Popular Science
    7. The Web of Time - Visions in Astronomy, Cyberspace, and Metaphysics.
    8. Lots of widgets at American Scence and Surplus
    9. The forthcoming Saturn/Titan probe
    10. Comet Hatyutake online
    11. Oh! Oh! They haven't warned us about the mega-sized Comet Hale Bopp which is much bigger than Halley and "could" come a little to close for comfort.
    12. For warring needs go to The High Energy Weapons Archive.
    13. Spy before you buy, take the Abandon Missile Base Virtual Reality Tour.
    14. The Nanoworld Image Gallery
    15. The National Institute for Science Education's The Why? Files Astronomy Picture of the Day

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