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Who Is Sense?

He is many things; a poet, an artist, a student,but most of all he is a human. Sense the poet:
Poetry is one thing that I am really passionate about. I don't just write words and make them rhyme.
My goal everytime I bring a pencil to paper is to create a story and make the words come to life. Sense the Artist: Poetry is not just something I do as a leisure activity, it is an art from that I live and breathe. It is my way of reaching out to others. The stories I write aren't always my own, many times I may voice someone's story, through and art form, that they would not have done themselves. A few of my stories are fictional poems based on real life events, trials and triumphs. My goal is to be able to inspire someone to change themselves and change the world.Sense the Student:Shaquille Jones is my government name and I am a sopohmore Electrical Engineering makor at SUNY UB. Sense the Human:Although at times it may not seem like it I am a human just like the rest of us walking this beautiful earth. I'm not some computer generated advice columnist that spits out what it is instructed. I simply offer advice from the way I view the world. By no means am I perfect and the advice I offer may not be as useful to one as it is to another. But regardless, it is meant to help at least one person, and if it can do that then its purpose has been served. For further information please see the
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"Love, peace, and Sense"

Mother Earth

One look into her eyes, through the window of her soul
And all the worlds beauty is unfold.
One touch from her hands, soft as a child's bottom
These hands these hands have made gold out of cotton
One breath from her lips, a fortnight after May
Is the coolest of breezes on a hot summers day
One drop from her iris, tears to wash the pain
Her thunderous roar accompanied by the rain
One swing of her moods, without valid reason
4 times a year this change marks the seasons
This mystery lady taken for granted in her worth
We love to hate her and hate to love her
We call her mother earth...

The Climb

As I climb this mountain
I remember the rocks that fall
The rocks that hold my steady
I remember it all
As I climb this mountain
I remember the voice telling me to never stop
The encouraging voice helping me to reach the top
As I climb the mountain
I mark the milestones I've reached
And remember the challenges I've faced
I remember the sweet nectar of victory
And the bitterness of failures taste
As I climb this mountain
I look up and never look down
Because there's ties that I've lost
And ties left to be found
As I climb this mountain
I rememeber that first mistake
A mistake I will never make again
I notice all the things from the beginning
That I will remember at the end
As I climb this mountain
The past only get longer
More rocks full of knowledge
As I only get stronger
As I climb this mountain
And the time continues to pass
I remember everything about the climb
And make these memories last

Shaquille Jones
Mr. Sense
NFS Sense