Saumitra S. Vaidya

Back-end Developer | Graduate Student | Web Design Enthusiast | Communicator | Dreamer


Passionate Developer with inherent belief in writing an elegent, resourseful piece of Code.  2.5 years of Professional Experience and 5 years of academic experience.  Well acquainted with different Programming Languages, Databases, Frameworks, Project Management and Big Data Analysis tools.  Also conducting independent projects in Web UI designing.


Master of Computer Science
University at Buffalo (SUNY)

Fall 2015:  Analysis of Algorithms, Information Retrieval, Distributed Systems, Computer Security.
Spring 2016:  Operating Systems, Machine Learning, Advanced Information Retrieval.
Summer 2016:  Database Systems.


Bachelor of Computer Engineering
University of Pune
4 Years Course

2nd year:  Discrete Structures, Programming and Problem Solving, Data Structures and Algorithms, Microprocessors and Interfacing Techniques, Computer Graphics, Computer Organization
3rd year:  Database Management System, Data Communication, Theory of Computation, Computer Networks, System Programming and Operating Systems, Software Engineering
4th year:  Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Principles of Compiler Design, Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Operating Systems, High Performance Networks, Information Security

MAY 2013


Associate Analyst
Eaton Corporation

  • Setting up bare metal and hypervisor installation for Linux and Windows Distribution
  • Automation, script writing, cron job scheduling and incident management for Linux distribution
  • Identifying and patching security vulnerability of windows and RedHat servers.
  • Managed Storage for Data Center and remote sites on Isilon OneFS
  • Designed & implementing IT infrastructure in standalone/distributed environment.
  • Configured and supported backup systems such as NetBackup, Avamar.

JUL 2013 - MAY 2015

Software Engineer Intern
Auverk Technology

  • Implemented back-end functionality for location based social networking app using Big Data Analysis.
  • Wrote Map-Reduce jobs in Hadoop using Spring framework. Project management using Maven
  • Setting up multi node HDFS file system and automating operations via scripting
  • Managing MongoDB database interfacing with Hadoop using groovy scripts.

DEC 2012 - MAY 2013


Javascript, MongoDB

Java, C

Hadoop, Solr

Python, SQL

HTML/CSS Bootstrap

Shell, groovy script


Develop Database Management System

Designed DBMS architecture and developed an entire system that stores database with 3NF normalization. Ability to create, drop, insert, modify tables and its content. ability to search,sort tables and perform natural join operations . Query parsing with error checking. indexing on any column using B+ Tree implementation.



Personalized health feed for people suffering from chronic illnesses

Built a tool that recommends people suffering from diabetes, heart diseases and renal condition with recipes that won't violate there dietary restrictions and provide wholesome meal. It takes into consideration location, ethnicity,physical attributes, time of the day to personalize experience, has a diary option that helps them easily share data with their physician. App learns as per users browsing habits to present more relevant recipes and articles from health journals.
This was achieved by building customized web crawler,customized ANNIE tagger to crawl useful information and categorize it. Project was implemented done using apache Maven and Java. UI built in meteor.
web design   health feed  personalization

Neural Network to determine handwritten digits

Implemented multilayer perceptron using Python Numpy library with feed forward and backward propagation in neural network to learn from 50000 images of hand written numbers and distinguish test set of 10000 images.
As another project in Machine learning performed Classification and Regression Comparison, and Comparison between Logistic Regression and SVM

Python   Neural Network   Regression

Multilingual Search Engine

Built Multilingual search engine for Twitter in languages English, German and Russian powered by Apache Solr. Performance analysis between Vector Space, BM25, language models. Additional search features such as content tagging, summarization, faceted search and knowledge graph.

search   angularJS   Java

Provident Fund Management

Developed a Provident fund management solution for enterprises using C# , PL-SQL Oracle 10g with dynamic user interface as per various access levels

PL-SQL   C#  



Buffalo, NY
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