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About Me

Hello! I am a senior at the University at Buffalo graduating in Spring 2017. I am pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing. I was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. After college, I plan to pursue a career in advertising, promotion, branding, and design. Outside of school, I enjoy working out, listening to music, traveling, and filming/video editing. I look forward to gaining useful programming skills.

MFC 215 Class Assignments

Create Your Home Page
This is the original homepage. There is an image, a paragraph about myself, and a list of the class assignments. It utilizes html, head, h1, img, p, b tags and more.

Create A Table Web Page
This page utilizes table, tr, th, and td tags to create a table.

Create CSS Pages:
Here are three ways to style webpages.
[Inline Styles] [Embedded Styles] [Linked Styles]

Create an HTML5/CSS Compliant Web Page
This page is HTML5 and CSS valid.

Modify Your Home Page to Use Divs
This is the homepage modified to use divs. It also contains a footer and descriptions of the assignments.

CSS Advanced Web Page
Add Special Effects to Your Web Page Using CSS. This webpage will contain special effects. Style changes to graphics, fonts, tables, and more will be made.

Create a Form Web Page
This webpage will contain a form that will consist of information like name, address, city, phone number, and email address.

Create a Multimedia Web Site
Here you will find audio clips, videos, and animation.

Create a JavaScript Web Page
Finally! This webpage will utilize JavaScript!

Add JavaScript Validation to Your Web Form Page
This webpage will modify the form using JavaScript.

HTML5 Wow Me
This webpage will be my final product to demonstrate what I have learned about HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript and from the book "Don't Make Me Think." Each page will have a navigation section.