Suramrit Singh : Master of Computer and Information Science University at Buffalo

Proficient with both systems and application programming. My interests lie in Big Data, Distributed Computing and Data Analytics.

I recently completed my Masters at the University of Buffalo, State University of New York, in Computer Science with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 . I am currently looking for exciting full time opportunities in software development and Data Analytics.

As a research assistant, I worked alongside Dr Bina Ramamurthy, a renowned data scientist at UB, in development of human lineage networks capable of supporting semantic querying and visualization. Our worked was focused to better represent human relationships and allow development of web-based public repositories for human genealogical data to create a highly scalable knowledge base.

I have also worked with Aricent Tech as a Software Engineer working on their propriety systems to develop efficient in-house solutions.

As a software engineer, I have been involved in multifarious problems involving disparate technologies to arrive at solutions that are truly scalable and address the core requirements of the stakeholders while maintaining a highly agile development environment.

I consider my prime assets to be a focused approached to problem solving with emphasis on Solutions over Skills and the right questions over premature answers.

Some Prominent Skills:

  • 4+ Years in Software Development using Java.
  • Expert programming skills in C/C++/JavaScript/C# in developing full stack solutons.
  • In-depth knowledge of fundamental programming concepts including data structures and algorithms.
  • Expertise in use of modelling and analysis tools like R/Matlab/Tableau
  • Experience in using Distributed architectures like Hadoop/Spark/Pig for large Data Analysus.
  • Experience in using non structured data for extracting useful insights.

    I welcome you to explore my site. Suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

    Please do contact me if you need any additional information.