Ying Sun

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Introduction to Information Technology (LIS506)

This course introduces the students to basic computing concepts and information processing/management skills through practice. Topics covered are organized into four units: 1. How computer works, including topics about data presentation, hardware, software, operating system; 2. The networked information environment including topics about computer network technologies, how the Internet works and practical skills on construction of Websites to organize information resources; 3. Common information management tools: spreadsheet, Database management systems; 4. Information storage and retrieval; Library System; XML, Web2.0 and library. This is a required course.


Digital Information Retrieval (LIS566)


The course is about the principles and practices associated with searching of a variety of digital information resources. The orientation is toward the professional information search specialist conducting searches for clients or assisting users conducting their own searches. Following topics will be covered: database construction and structure, skills of the pre-search interview, typical search languages, and skills for search output evaluation.  The course is a hands-on course designed around a series of demonstrations and exercises. The principal system used is DIALOG, which serves as a prototypical command-driven IR system.  We also include several other systems, such as Lexis/Nexis and Factiva, the World Wide Web searching, and reference and library sources.



Courses Taught Before

LIS506 Introduction to Information Technology, Fall 2006, Spring 2007, Summer 2007

LIS566 Digital Information Retrieval, Fall 2006, Spring 2007

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