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About Me

I was born and raised in Rochester, New York. My parents immigrated from India before I was born and I am the oldest of three.
I am currently a junior at University at Buffalo in the School of Management with concentrations in Human Resources and Marketing.
I am also pursuing a minor in Global Gender Studies.


    I love to read, especially mystery and romance novels. I also like to spend time with family and friends. I love music and my favorite genres include rap and hip hop.


Here's the link to my resume!

Group 4's Project Description

Our MGS 351 final project consists of building a database for the UB Student Advocacy and Judicial Affairs in 252 Capen Hall. The database is efficient and helpful to the employees who work there. With its use, Katie and her co-workers can quickly retrieve important information regarding a student's specific case referral and number, location placement, amount of community service hours to be completed and the due date of those hours thus reducing the amount of paperwork and searching through hard copy files and will not cost the office any money.

Contact Information

 You can reach me via E-mail, calling me at (585) 645-3300 or by visiting one of the social media profiles below!

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