Two types of supplemental information are available.  First, you may download a PDF version of a Glossary of basic measurement and testing terms.  Second, I have written a booklet, titled Basic Concepts in Psychological Testing that contains three chapters describing foundational material relevant to a graduate course in educational and psychological testing.  Available for a modest fee at, the booklet provides a basis for further study related to educational and psychological testing, and in particular, as described in the book, Measuring Change in Counseling and Psychotherapy (Meier, 2008,  Note that much of the material in the booklet overlaps with that in the Glossary.


In my graduate-level testing class I typically spend the first 3 weeks of the course describing basic concepts.  This process provides all students with a foundation for discussing the history, theory, and applications that follow. Three major areas are covered:  Concepts related to reliability and validity, types of psychological measurements (e.g., self-reports, observational strategies, qualitative assessments) and test components (i.e., elements of test construction, administration, scoring, and interpretation). The booklet’s 3 chapters cover these areas.


I would be happy to share additional supplemental materials (e.g., sample PowerPoint presentations and quizzes) with course instructors who email me at  I would also appreciate receiving any feedback, updates, or corrections via email.