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For this Assignment you should have already read Steve Krug's book, Don't Make Me Think. You will write an Essay summarizing the guiding principles in that book. Your essay will be developed in Microsoft Word and contain a cover page along with your 500 word essay. You will also create a PowerPoint presentation with a welcome slide, at least 5 additional slides covering the guiding principles of the book and a final slide with your contact information. You will create a web page that follows the guiding principles of Don't Make Me Think. This we page will contain a well designed navigation to your home page and each of the other Assignments. This page will also contain links to your Essay Word document and Presentation PowerPoint slide show.

You should then add an a (anchor) tag to your Home Page web page that opens your Essay web page.

When you have this Assignment ready for me to view and grade you should post a note in the Essay Discussion Folder with the URL of your Home web page so I can click on that link and open your Assignment in a new browser window (target="_blank").

You only need to do this assignment if you need the extra credit to help you get to the next highest letter grade.