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Science & Computer Related Blogs

Blogs (a contraction of the term "web logs") have increased in popularity in the last few years. Along with being a fun distraction, many provide interesting and useful information, ranging from recently published articles, exciting new science or tools for getting work completed more efficiently. Below are a number of blogs that The Santos Lab keeps tabs on. We hope that you find them interesting and useful too.

Global Climate Change
Climate Shifts - Climate change, ecosystems, politics and the environment.
Various Research Fields in the Biological Sciences - Tracking blogs from and beyond.
The Tree of Life - Blog of Jonathan A. Eisen, evolutionary biologist.
Linux Blogs - How strong is your commandline prowess?
Biocomputing, Informatics and Next-Gen Sequencing
Kevin L's blog - Covers Bioinformatics, the software packages Consed & Phrap as well as genome science.
Bioinformatics Zen - Range of tool and software topics related to bioinformatics.
Mailund on the Internet - Computer science, bioinformatics, genetics, and everything in between.
ONE R TIP A DAY - The latest and greatest on the R statistical software environment.
Programming for Scientists - Wisdom and common-sense for the scientist-programmer.
Inparablog - A comparative genomics and bioinformatics blog. - More computer science and bioinformatics.
Mark Bieda's Weblog - Tips and job advertisements for bioinformatics. - "It's a trap!" (You have to love a title like that).
Dammit Jim! - I'm a biologist not a... (Enough said!!!).
SEQanswers - Forum related to Next-Gen (i.e., Illumina) sequencing and data assembly.