** Start code with this (only at the very beginning) ** School of Management ** Is a website embedded in an image. Text in between tags indicate a Hyperlink. Href=”website to be opened” (copying and pasting an image from a website is easiest) alt=”text” (indicates alternate text to be displayed if image cannot be displayed by browser) border = “0” (dimensions of image adjusted, in this case not adjusted **

Heading        One

Heading six

text to be displayed as heading/ title

  (indicates a space in between the text)
text to be displayed as a smaller header/title
** Welcome to MGS            351!
** Text will automatically be displayed from the left side of the page example: Welcome to MGS
(indicates a line break, similar to pressing “enter” on a keyboard when you type) ** We're learning about HTML today.


is a blank line inserted/ indicates a new paragraph ** Here is my MGS351 website. ** text inserted here (underlines “text inserted here”) **
How does it look? ** text (bolds “text”) **

(inserts a page break line) ** Hi, this is my first home page on the web. ** text (italicizes “text”) text (BOLD AND ITALICIZES “text”) **

** align=”right” (aligns text to the right) ** It may be small now but it will be growing.
Come back soon and see what's happening!

** (indicates new font size to be implemented for “text”) (color for font) (font style) **
** *Documents Should be inserted into your HTML_PUBLIC folder (location where you modify the website).
    text & code inserted here
(allows text and links to be ordered in a list)
  • text
  • (makes a bullet before the “text”) *(should use