"Perhaps this is why you and I exist.
To do one great thing.
Even if it means we die in the doing."

The Round Table Cycle
Book III
Book I

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White Stag
When his cousin Guenivere marries King Arthur, young Hugh Gryflette accompanies her to the new court at Camelot where he catches the eye of the mysterious Merlin. At first the boy is enthralled by the famous wizard, but when strange forces repeatedly threaten the queen, Hugh finds himself at the center of a titanic struggle for the soul of mankind.

From the mystical circle at Stonehenge to the misty isle of Avalon, from a dangerous magic stone to an ancient order of Druids, Hugh races across time and space until he must decide what he believes. In an emotional epilogue, The Round Table Cycle comes to a startling conclusion when characters from The White Stag and Galahad join Hugh for a final assault on the evil unleashed by MERLIN'S CURSE.

Book II

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An EXCERPT from Merlin's Curse

"Heed my warning, Arthur. If you follow the old ways and worship the old gods, as I have taught, all will go well for you. But!" The wizard pounded on the table. "If you go whoring after this new Christian religion, my curse will fall on your head. You shall die a coward's death and everything you have built will be destroyed."

Merlin took the crystal from around his neck and pointed the stone at the dragon design in the center of the table. The red image and the red stone began to throb in unison, then a hole opened in the tabletop where the dragon's heart would be.

"Awake and hear, O Dark One," the wizard chanted. "I give you a final command.

"The Grail and all it represents must be driven from our land.

"Destroy whoever stands in the way, be it cripple, queen or friend.

"Not until they all lay dead will this curse come to an end."

An unearthly roar shook the table and billowing clouds of fire shot up through the hole. Knights jumped away with shouts of alarm. Chairs tipped over, goblets clattered to the floor. But I noticed Sir Lancelot did not move.

"Blasphemy!" shouted old Sir Pellinore. "Blasphemy!"

"Your power is great, sorcerer, but you cannot defeat the Grail," Lancelot announced calmly.

"Or the stag," Pellinore agreed. "Or the stag!"

"A curse on your Grail and your stag," Merlin spat. "My soul will not rest until they are both . . . ." His face turned white. "Until they are both . . . ." A strange croak emerged from his throat, his eyes rolled back and he collapsed face-forward onto the table.

Copyright © 2000 by Stephen Mark Spence