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Born and raised on the south side of Mount Vernon, NY, I have lived in Westchester County for most of my life.
I am the youngest of two daughters in a beautiful Ethiopian family.
Currently, I attend the University at Buffalo as an Honors student in the School of Management.
Being pretty business-savvy growing up, it was no surprise that I eventually chose Business Administration as my career path and am happily doing so at UB!



Feel free to gloss over my professional Rèsumè!

Group 4's Project!

      For our MGS 351 final project, Group 4 collectively built an efficient and time-saving database for the use of the
UB Student Advocacy and Judicial Affairs Office in Capen Hall. With its use, office employees will be able to quickly
obtain valuable information regarding a student's specific case referral, location placement, amount of community
service hours to be completed and the due date of said hours. This will eliminate the tediousness of searching
through stacks of hard-copy files with absolutely no financial cost to the office.

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       Sonya Tareke
       304A Clinton Hall
       University at Buffalo
       Buffalo, NY 14261

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