Sofie Robinson
203B Spaulding Quadrangle
University at Buffalo, Buffalo NY, 14260


To learn and better myself as a student and person.


  • Jericho High School
  • University at Buffalo

Work Experience

  1. Position: Counselor in Training at Camp Tioga (Camp Tioga)
    Date: 1 year ago

    I was a role model for younger children at my sleepaway camp.

  2. Position: Swim Instructor at Jericho High School (Jericho High School)
    Date: 2 years ago

    Taught 5-6 year old children how to swim without floaties.

  3. Position: Intern (Scholastic)
    Date:: Years ago

    Did paperwork for workers in a Scholastic office.


Skill# Skill Name
1 Computer Programming
2 Memorizing Facts