Stephanie N. Richter

Stephanie N. Richter

University at Buffalo


I’m currently a Master’s student at UB studying computational linguistics.

I’m interested broadly in syntax and semantics, and computational models for understanding natural language. I am also interested in NLP tasks involving low-resource langauges, and ways in which the analysis of them may be improved through linguistic knowledge.


  • MS in Computational Linguistics, 2021

    University at Buffalo

  • BA in Linguistics, 2019

    University at Buffalo


(2021). Look at that! BERT can be easily distracted from paying attention to morphosyntax. Proceedings of the Society for Computation in Linguistics.


(2020). Investigating the Role of Verb Frequency in Factive and Manner-of-speaking Islands. Proceedings of the 42nd Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society.


Work Experience


Data Analytics Assistant

The Buffalo News

Feb 2020 – Present Buffalo, NY