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Sarah Forcucci
12 Capen Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260
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While my ideal career would be working in Public Relations for Disney, I believe any type of job having to do with working with others is a dream. I love communicating and working alongside other people. Studying Communications had led me to have hopes of either working in Public Relations, Human Resources, or Marketing/Advertising.


  • Intended Communications Studies
  • Started: Fall 2015 - present
  • Classes already taken towards Communications:
      1. Introduction to Communications
      2. Communication Theory
      3. Mass Communications
      4. Political Science Research Methods
      5. Interpersonal Communications
      6. Communications in Organizations
  • Other Courses Taken:
      1. English 101, 201
      2. Evolutionary Biology (BIO 200)
      3. World Civilization 111,112 (UGC 111, 112)
      4. Basic Statistics and Computing (CEP 207)
      5. Introduction to Psychology, Cognitive Psychology (PSY 101,341)
      6. Linguistics 200
  • Work Experience

    1. Place of Employment

      Position: Sales Associate at Marshalls
      Date: March 23rd, 2013-present

      Cashier, helping customers on the sales floor, truck unloading, putting stock out

    2. Da lemon

      Position:Lemonade Girl at the Fair
      Date: August 2011 - present

      Making lemonade for people for Fun Time Foods at the Erie County Fair


    Adaptable, Communication, Determined, Efficient, Independent, Interpersonal Skills, Multi-tasking, Organized, and Time Management

    I believe that having all of these qualites is important when it comes to working with others. Especially for being a Communications Student, you learn that working with others is essentially a common scenario. With this being said, all of the other skills fall into place - adaptable, organized, and time managing - where efficiency is the end product.

    My Biggest Accomplishment yet....

    During the winter of 2011, I was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa. Having to be home schooled for the remainder of my first year in High School, I also had to tackle being placed in an Outpatient Recovery Program. This Recovery program was held every weekday from 11-7, striving for weight restoration, psychological treatment, and ultimately, to get your life back where it used to be. It was the most stressful and most difficult 4 months at the current time. However, I still managed to accomplish my Freshman year with a 97 average. That being said, I believe that was my biggest goal - to have something so life threatening and still accomplish so much.