Hi, my name is Sara. Welcome to my very first webpage!

In deciding what to write about for your viewing pleasure, I have settled on one of my favorite subjects:

The History of My Forks...

It all started at a birthday party for my friend. This was back home, in Yaphank, Long Island , New York. Anyway,one of my friends at this party wrapped a fork around my wrist. I couldn't get it off at first, so I just left it there. The next day, I went into the city with a group of my best chickies (that means "girlfriends" for all of those who don't know me and my usual expressions). We had to go through metal detectors all day to enter such buildings as the Empire State Building , the Twin Towers (the World Trade Center), etc. The security personnel gave me funny looks when they saw the fork go through the little conveyor belt. I have been wearing my fork ever since.
Before I had left for college (I attend the beautiful University at Buffalo), my fork collection had grown to include 17 more metal forks and 9 plastic forks. I had gathered these from various occasions, such as graduation parties, restaurants, even one from my high school's senior trip.
Now that I am in Buffalo, I continue to expand my collection. I am currently up to 46 forks, total. I do not consider my collecting forks "stealing" per se. I am merely acquiring memories that will last me a lifetime.
However, there are more to forks than what most people use them for in their daily eating activities...I use them as decorations, bracelets, earrings, etc. If one were to look hard enough, they could find them in many places, such as: useful tools, wearable pins, forms of art, sign language, and for all those who don't think President Clinton is doing anything useful in office, there is also a "Fork-Knife-Spoon Act".

All right, this is something I have to include, or at least I was told I have to. You can click here to Send me mail (via mailto) , but you really don't have to. In fact, I'd encourage that you don't, because I don't like receiving mail from people I don't know, unless it is related to my site, in which case, I'd appreciate your input. Thanks!

I also have to include this disclaimer: The contents and link identifiers of this web page are not monitored, reviewed, nor endorsed by the State University of New York at Buffalo. All opinions expressed are my own. So there.