.place, .place-label { fill: #444; } Sterling DePaul

Lab 5: GeoJSON & D3

GeoJSON is a format used to encode geographic data structures using point coordinates. D3 is a JavaScript library that uses HTML, SVG, and CSS to utilize data.

Answer to Q1: Montreal

Answer to Q2: D3 knew to put the generated image into the right spot on the page with line 17 from the D3 code. Translate generated the image centered at half height and width so it was at the centered in the middle of the page.

Answer to Q3: Rotating it approximately 90 degrees would make the map primarily show the Americas with the given size of the map on the website.

Answer to Q4: You would need to use the text-decoration style to underline the labels.

Download countries.geojson

Download my_places.geojson