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Rolling on the River!

This web page is a tribute to my father, William F Potts, Sr. He is a retired riverboat captain. In 1916, he was born in a small Ohio river town, Duffy, Ohio; where he still resides. Fifty two years of his life were spent working as a riverboat pilot and captain on towboats and ferry boats.

As a young boy, my father and his cousins, Wilson and Everett Fry, who also became riverboat captains, spent much of their time around the Ohio River. They were either swimming, rowing a boat, fishing, or ice skating on the river. In some respects, it is much like the lives of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, who were protrayed and made famous in the books of the famous riverboat captain, Mark Twain. The only difference is that my dad lived in a later time period. My brother, William F. Potts, Jr., also became a riverboat pilot, but he moved out of the Ohio Valley to work for a power plant in Jacksonville, Florida.


Career as a Riverboat Captain
Pleasure Excursions on Riverboats

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