Previous Research

From Left: Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Dr. Jonathan Lovell

Lovell Lab

During the summer of 2014, I was able to spend some time working the laboratory of Dr. Jonathan Lovell. With the help of another student, Kevin Carter, we came up with a project to better characterize novel light activated porphyrin doped (PoP) liposomes. The goal was to visualize light release of the PoP-Liposomes via MR using the facilities at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. We were able to collect preliminary data, but due to personal time constraints and obligations, I was unable to progress the project past early stages throughout the summer.

While working with the lab of Dr. Lovell, I received a small monetary award from UB's Center for Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities. I was also selected as a 2014 Undergraduate Dean’s Research Conference Scholarship recipient. Select slides from my presentation at the McNair Research Conference can be found Here

Roswell Park Summer Research Program

The summer of dreams; the summer that started it all. During my junior year of High School, I had the wonderful opportunity to work under the direction of Dr. Arindem Sen. My work in the cell stress biology lab consisted of producing dual modality liposomes loaded with SuperParamagnetic Iron Oxide (SPIO Nanaparticles) that also had a flourophore attached. The object was to correlate in vivo tumor uptake as seen in MR images with uptake as measured post sacrifice via fluoroscopy on tumors sectioned using a cryostat.

A copy of the research poster produced at the end of the program is uploaded Here