Personal Statement

Hello world! I am currently going into my Junior year of Biomedical Engineering at UB and am exceptionally motivated to pursue my interest where math meets biological applications.

Having always cared deeply for the sciences, and finding satisfaction in seeing projects that have meaningful applications through, I choose to major in Biomedical Engineering. Enjoying the thought provoking atomosphere of academia, I have always taken a challenging course load as seen in my top scores on 11 AP exams throughout high school, and no fewer than 20 credit hours per semester at UB. I also aim to be rounded in my knowledge which I see spending a semester abroad learning a new language as doing.

Althought the limited funding in Academia is well known, in looking at the goals and missions of projects supported by The National Institutes of Health (NIH), I know the field is still looking towards the future. Projects such as the BRAIN initiative, along with the sub project focusing on the Connectome, strike a chord with me, and are what I would like to pursue. Having seen how the techonology field has exploded and undergone extreme proliferation in the relativly recent past, I hope be a part of the medical field following suite. I know that I do not currently possess the skills and knowledge to help make meaning advances with the project, but the development of those skills are precisely what I am after.