Current Research Interests

NIH BRAIN Initiative

Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Technologies

University at Buffalo

The school which I call home. I have had the opportunity to extensivly explore my interests thanks to the many resources offered through the school.

Human Connectome Project

A project to completely map structural and neural connections

Universidad de Salamanca, Espana

Aqui es donde voy a pasar el semestre de primavera este ano!

A little about me

Where I want to go

We all have an interest in bettering the world and it is my goal to do just that in every way I can

The Reason?

We ought to be driven to reflect those existential human traits that define the ultimate ends of human life. It is for this reason, though dense, I am always keenly aware of my responsibility as a person.


To qoute House of Cards; "the same way you devour a whale, one bite at a time". Sheer relentess effort using the tools provided

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