My Name Is Stephan Henmings
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I'm an intended Computer Science major at the University at Buffalo. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Throughout the years, computers have been a part of my life like a family. I continue to improve my knowledge about technology because I hope to become a successful software designer. In High school , I won certificates for my outstanding understanding of technology. I was the second responder for technology in my small school when my dean was busy, and I loved it. Helping people with their tech issues really allowed me to understand what I wanted to do in my life, and it had to be computer related. My perseverance and determination will show that I am the best candidate for any position.
I enjoy playing Basketball, and playing video games like 2k, and Call of Duty

Comparing My Past and Present

Stephan Past Stephan Present
Little to no effort with work
Played around
Worried about Basketball more than a passing grade
Cares about work and wants to succeed
Plays no games when it comes to getting work done
Grades mean more to him than anything

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