Lab 3: QGIS

Screenshot of SUNY Buffalo

Q1: To create our background image turning it from copy and pasted text in notepad to an image because the extension at the end was changed to svg meaning scalable vector graphics.

Q2: a. To know if it is a road one of the attribute columns to pay attention to is FULLNAME which has a road name, ROADFLG being Y, and FEATCATS saying S.

b. To locate a particular address the aforementioned FULLNAME is important as well as ROADFLG. ZIPL is needed as well as COUNTYFP and STATEFP.

Q3. You would color red-only roads within the 14261 zip code by first right clicking on the label for edges, then rule properties. In there, change the color of the line to red by selecting red. Then get the filter and under field and values select ZIPL. Then hit=, load all unique properties, select the zip code 14261 and finally click ok.