Executive Summary

Mr. Van Patten is a student with over three (3) years of experience in areas of emergency management, including various Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) format projects encompassing aspects of planning, design, facilitation, evaluation and after-action development.

Mr. Van Patten has served as a support role for multiple trainings and exercises to include the most recent projects such as table-top exercises for the University at Buffalo’s School of Dental Medicine and Division of Athletics. Mr. Van Patten also has experience with full-scale exercises to include an active shooter scenario and a hazardous materials release with a secondary device/explosion scenario that designed, reviewed, and coordinated more than a dozen public agencies, including FBI, Local Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMS.

In addition, Mr. Van Patten developed and ran a new training program, for the University at Buffalo’s Undergraduate Student Association, that trained more than 400 event staffers on crowd management and emergency operations during events. Along with that, Mr. Van Patten planned and ran an annual orientation program that trained more than 70 employees.

Mr. Van Patten has also written numerous after action reports (AAR) for incidents, events, and exercises to include a CDC required, laboratory working with select agents – biohazard level three, exercise to test emergency plans. AARs were produced as a part of a new corrective action strategy that leads to updating and reviewing plans and procedures.

Mr. Van Patten has collaborated on multiple research projects that involve DHS and NSF grant funding. He has provided research support for the development of an Incident Management Team, following the ICS/NIMS structure, for a community of 40,000 people. Mr. Van Patten also developed a Hazard Vulnerability Assesment to determine the most strategic way to develop emergency operations plans and incident action plans for the University at Buffalo.

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