Job Opportunities: Sept. 2013: 1-2 Graduate Student Positions


We are looking to recruit 1-2     Ph.D. students this Fall.  Please arrange an interview with Dr. Chemler via e-mail.

Undergraduate students: Undergraduate students with excellent performance in coursework (3.0 or higher GPA) and desire to learn organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry laboratory techniques aimed at solving a cutting-edge problem in chemistry (potential for publications) are encouraged to contact Dr. Chemler for an interview.

Welcome to the Chemler group home page. Our research interests include organometallic and organic reaction design, asymmetric catalysis, mechanistic study, natural product synthesis and medicinal chemistry (primarily for the treatment of cancer).

In our new reaction development, we often employ the strategy of enzymes, where intramolecularity is used to lower the entropic barrier of an otherwise difficult reaction. Our new reactions are based upon the chemistries of palladium and copper. Through this chemistry novel methods for intramolecular diamination, aminocarbonation and aminobromination and aminohydroxylation of olefins have been developed.

The total synthesis of biologically active natural products and derivative libraries provides access to otherwise rare chemical entities. We have designed efficient routes to several biologically active heterocycles using our new synthetic methods. We are also developing small molecule libraries for testing and as mechanistic probes for collaborators at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in downtown Buffalo. Our library development strategy includes use of our new organometallic reactions, identification of attractive and active lead molecular cores, and employment of solution phase diversity oriented synthesis and combinatorial chemistry methods.

Enjoy your visit.

Recent accomplishments:

1st Enantioselective Copper-Catalyzed Intramolecular Carboamination

1st Catalytic Enantioselective Intramolecular Alkene Aminooxygenation

Total Syntheis of (S)-(+)-Tylophorine

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