Sayre Stowell



e-mail: Home: 518-583-4075 Cell: 518-605-9433


About Me: My full name is Sayre John Byron Stowell, I am currently attending the State University of New York at Buffalo, where i am dual majoring in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, I plan to graduate in 2019 and would like persue my masters degree afterwards. Some of my interests include but are not limited to: Playing, watching and reading about sports, watching movies, being outdoors, Car enthusiest...

Career Objective:

My ultimate Career goal, is an engineering position, in one of the major aerospace companies like: Boeing, Pratt & Whitney, Airbus or even NASA I am really open to any and every opportunity that comes my way, and location would not be an issue.

Educational Background:

High school: Schuylerville Jr Sr High school Class of 2015 Final GPA: 3.7

College: University at Buffalo Class of 2019 Major: Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering

Work Experience:

  1. BJ`s Wholesale Club 10/14-08/15 reason for leaving:College
  2. University at Buffalo IT department 02/16-