Blackbody at 775C:

Thermal Imaging using DSLR Cameras

The main objective in this project is to calibrate a DSLR camera to obtain one-to-one mapping in between the camera digital pixel intensty and physical radiation intensity. A black body source is imaged at different exposure time settings. HDR radiance map was created from these images to obtain the camera response function.

Planck’s radiation law was utilized to obtain the physical interpretation of the camera response function. Red and Green narrow band filters are used to perform two-color pyrometry. Irradiance attenuation was computed for each of the filters from the color image. The attenuation factor allows to transform color image to corresponding red and green images for two-color pyrometry.

The calibrated response function was further used to determine the temperature of a laminar candle flame and an incandescent tungsten filament bulb. It was observed that the temperature determined was consistent with the theoretical temperatures.