Sang-Hee Park

Ph.D. Candidate (ABD)

Department of Linguistics

University at Buffalo, State University of New York

609 Baldy Hall, Buffalo NY 14260-6420

sangheep at buffalo dot edu

Research interests:

syntax, semantics, semantic typology, discourse coherence, ellipsis, coordination, relative clauses


My primary interests are in syntax and semantics. My research focuses on how sentence structure is related to sentence meaning, with specific interest in ellipsis, coordination and relativization. I am especially interested in construction-based grammar (e.g. Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar) and semantic underspecification frameworks (Lexical Resource Semantics, Constraint Language for Lambda Structures). I also engage in typological studies and use data collected from controlled elicitation methods. On a broader scale, my work aims to meld rigorous data-driven research with surface-oriented grammar framework.

For my dissertation research, I investigate the way in which the various interpretations of Gapping sentences result from the interplay between the structure of discourse and the way underspecified meaning is resolved (Supported by College of Arts and Sciences at the University at Buffalo, Dissertation Completion Grant). My dissertation co-chairs are Dr. Rui Chaves and Dr. Jean-Pierre Koenig.

I am also currently conducting typological research on the grammar and discourse of causal chains with other collaborators in the project Causality Across Languages (NSF grant #1535846). I am exploring how speakers of different languages categorize causal chains and how such categorization is reflected in the grammar.

At UB, I am a member of the Syntax-Semantics Research Group (lead by Hanno Beck, Dr. Chaves and Dr. Koenig) and the Semantic Typology Lab (lead by Dr. Bohnemeyer).

Recent & upcoming talks

Kawachi, K. & S.-H. Park. 2018. Directness of Causation and Morphosyntactic Complexity of Constructions: Japanese and Korean Cases. Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference 26 (UCLA, November 28 - December 1)

Park, S.-H. J.-P. Koenig & R. P. Chaves. 2018. A Semantic Underspecification-Based Analysis of Scope Ambiguities in Gapping. Sinn und Bedeutung 23 (Barcelona, September 5-7)

Park, S.-H. J.-P. Koenig & R. P. Chaves. 2018. Scope Ambiguities and Lexical Resource Semantics: The case of Gapping. The 25th International Conference on Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar (Tokyo, June 30 - July 2).



LIN 205 Introduction to Linguistic Analysis (Instructor) (Spring 2013, Fall 2014)

LIN 205 Introduction to Linguistic Analysis (TA) (Fall 2012, Spring 2015)


KOR 101 First Year Korean I. (Instructor) (Fall 2015)

KOR 201 Second Year Korean I. (Instructor) (Fall 2011, 2013)

KOR 202 Second Year Korean II. (Instructor) (Spring 2012, 2014)

KOR 301 Third Year Korean I. (Instructor) (Fall 2017)

KOR 302 Third Year Korean II. (Instructor) (Spring 2016, 2018)