Samiamul Haque's Web Page


My name is Samiamul Haque. I'm in my Junior year here at UB as a Pre-Pharmacy Major. I have previously taken two classes through the Millard Fillmore College which was Introduction to Computers and Information Systems and MFC 215:Programming for the Web 1 where I learned about HTML 5, CSS, and JavaScript . I decided to enroll in this course because I am very interested learning more about PHP scripting language and MySQL database which can help me in my future career.

    MFC 215 Assignments
  1. CSS Pages
  2. Table Page
  3. Form
  4. HTML5/CSS
  5. Special Effects
  6. Multimedia
  7. Javascript
  8. Javascript Validation
  9. HTML5 Final
  10. MFC 211 Assignments
    1. HomePage
    2. Web Server Setup
    3. PHP Page
    4. PHP Loop / Array / Function Page
    5. PHP Input/Output Page
    6. MySQL Table Page
    7. PHP MySQL Table Page
    8. PHP MySQL Form Page
    9. Final Krug Web Site