Admissions Audit/Phase III

    Overall FIT Indicator on every page On every page there will be an indicator for what you are F, I or T; should know that dates differ
      Review Layout Lots of empty real estate; some titles on inforpages and some bubbles have extra white space;
        Review includes color: should we be employing color as a way of defining shafts
        Reposition "Apply Now" for best visibility/Review for making larger
        Implement stylesheets to increase control over font sizes and styles
        FIT Radio buttons
        Sizing Tags on images to improve download time
        Review horizontal scroll--does it work in "My Life" section
        Little pictures look like links
        Remove directional arrows
        Headers need to be redesigned
        Review effectiveness of News and Calendar on infopages
    Applications Develop Content Manager For date maintainance in visiting shaft infopages
        For departments to upload changes to bridge pages that goes to an e-mail alias devoted to this
        For links, as in MyUB, so that we can enter and/or check links
      Review Personalization Should it be more friendly--like Personalize now, go to this link then what do you want now
      Print Page/Text only function Needs to made available
      Special Searches Add feature that could search bridge page descriptions and bring up majors in the same place it brings up inforpage search results.
      Method for Multimedia A place on infopage that will appear when appropriate that is readily identifiable as a multimedia thing--standard template for a popup window
      Web Cams Student Union, commons, football stadium
      Academic Areas of Interest Reconfigure the list, adding major, concentration, minor information
        After customizing, affirmation appeas @ top of box to let you know something happened
        "Ask me now" should appear in place of "ask me later"
      Remarketing Set up Have pdf's of information most requested, students choose it and based on what they choose we can do follow up
      Customized Brochures Database chunks of copy, then have students choose the content that interests, then pull it all together and send it in an e-newsletter, then use this info to remarket
    Content Review UB Fact Sheet Fronting the Future needs to be reviewed and revised to reflect the current stats, more dynamic presence
      Spash Page "How do I use this site" feature should be developed
        Top Ten things users look for
        Revaluate real estate on front page, maybe more coaching words
      Interntional or Transfer or both How do we deal with students who are international and not freshmen
      Insert contact information On splash page, on visiting pages, on contact page (Admissions' address)
      Academic Department Info Syllabi, etc
      My Life section Does the horizontal thing work
      Develop Virtual Tour To reflect the needs of who students who desire an asynchronous, hip, customizable view of UB
      Divide the "Learning" Shaft Too big and encompasses too much--maybe split into a learning section and a support for learning section
        Maybe this would give us an opportunity to add some interesting things like videos and better "selling" blurbs
      Redo Faq "Living" Decide how to better arrange this so it's not so combersome
      International Infopages Concerted effort to pull in the International Admissions people to get the ball rolling
      Build Grad Admissions Start thinking Bridge Pages, and start conceptualizing where we want to go with this
      Need to Review Photos Every photo should project the message of that infopage
      Faculty Videos Assemble and place
      Quicktime VR shots Apartments, alumni arena, gym, football field, hi-tech classrooms, dorm rooms, CCR
      Add College Guide section Benchmark whether we should build/add a College Guide section to the site for prospectives that is about general college resources
      Videos of Students Honors, International, Out of State
      Additions to Learning Stress quality of faculty, Chancellor's awards, Excellence in Teaching
        Display a sampling of syllabi from interesting Freshman courses
      Direction Punch up, make friendly
      DevelopOutcomes Section Real people who got great jobs, positioning/transitioning yourself for grad school

Last Updated on 12/11/00
By IT Manager