Sakar Sawarkar


My name is Sakar S. Sawarkar. I am from Pune, India. I am a senior year Electrical Engineering student. I am also pursuing a minor in Mathematics. I have worked with C++, C and Python before this. This is my first time with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

By the end of this semester I would like to be not just good at HTML and CSS but also learn to be creative with these languages so that I can have my own website and add my portfolio to it.
Looking forward to learn a lot from this class!!!

These are the assignments for MFC 215
Subject Score Grade
Mathematics (MTH 141) 91% A-
Physics(PHY 151) 71% C+
Music (MUS 101) 96% A
Electrical Engineering (EE 101) 85% B+
Psychology (PSY 101) 88% A-

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