Stephen Hart
Frontier Science & Technology Research Foundation
Department of Sociology, SUNY--Buffalo

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Methodology information about evangelical politics and religious right analysis

Curriculum vitae (PDF)

Materials from my new book,
Cultural Dilemmas of Progressive Politics: Styles of Engagement Among Grassroots Activists
(University of Chicago Press, March 2001)
Synopsis of the book
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: How We Engage In Politics and Why It Matters
Chart for Chapter 1: Public Discourse: Constrained and Expansive Styles (PDF)

Article based on the book: "Getting Organized," Christian Century, 7 Nov 2001 (PDF)

University of Chicago online catalogue (to order online)
(You can also order by phoning the Press at 773/568-1550;
the ISBN # is 0-226-31818-4 and the price is $17 for the paperback edition)

Other writings

Preface: "Religion and Politics at Century's End" to the 1996 edition of What Does the Lord Require? How American Christians Think about Economic Justice (PDF; Rutgers, 1996; hardbound edition Oxford, 1992)

 "The Cultural Dimension of Social Movements" (PDF; article published in Sociology of Religion, Spring 1996)

Issues of Culture (publication of the ASA Section on Sociology of Culture, which I edited from Jan. 1994 through Dec. 1997. These have been taken down to save space, but are available by request; e-mail me using the link above.

Files for particular people to download
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