Shanice Bennett

A day in a life with me!


Im from the Big Apple a.k.a, New York City. I am double major in theatre and communications. I transferred into University at Buffalo from Virginia State University.

Career Objective:

I want to be an actress but my backup plan is to work on broadcast television.

Career Objective:

In this paragraph, write a few sentences about your future

Educational Background:

My first school ever was Little Darlings Daycare center.I then went to Robert Fulton School or P.S 8. After that I then went to Khalil Gibran International Academy.When i was finished with middle school I then went to Dr. Susan S. Mckinney Secondary School of the Arts but by 10th grade i transferred to another "Arts" School but then decided to transfer back to Mckinney and then went to Virginia State University and then transeferred to here, University at Buffalo. "

Work Experience:

Work Experience:

  1. Apprentice Painter