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  •  ● I am a  Computer Science Graduate Student at University at Buffalo. 
  •  ● I love learning new technologies and building cool projects.
  •  ● My areas of interest are Android, Distributed Systems , Operating Systems and A I.
  •  ● My hobbies include reading , canoeing and cycling.  


  • ● Collected and indexed more than 10K tweets  in four different languages (English, French, Russian and German) for processing on Apache Solr.
  • ● Used Twitter REST API , to collect the tweets.
  • ● Implemented language detection  and translation using  Yandex API and  Alchemy API , for  cross-lingual support.
  • ● Implemented Faceted Search  feature and  Tag Cloud Feature to build a rich and smart user experience.
  • ● Have used Amazon EC2 , and  Windows Azure to make project live.
  • ● Website Link (  )
  • ●Project Demo ( )

4.) “Implemented synchronization primitives for OS/161 and used them to solve synchronization problem"

  •  Have implemented the working locks, condition variables, and reader-writer locks .
  •  Solved the Classic OS161 Whale Mating Problem and the OS161 Intersection Problem

5.) “Handwritten Digits Classification Using Neural Networks"

  • Implementing a Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network, and  have evaluated its performance in classifying handwritten digits.
  • Explored the working of Neural Network and how it uses Feed Forward Propagation, Back Propagation.

7.) “Data Analytics using R and R Shiny"

  ● Real Estate Data Analysis to find interesting buying and selling trends in various NYC boroughs over the years.
  ● Analysis of live twitter data  to do a live sentiment analysis of tweets on various candidates for United States presidential election  of 2016. 

6.) “Parallel Processing of Big Data and its Analysis and Visualization"

  • Used Hadoop MapReduce to process a large data set consisting of more than 80 years of data about the courses and classrooms of University at Buffalo.   
  • UsedTableau for analysis and visualization of processed data. 

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    ● Powered by cloud, using Open Weather API.
    ● Beautiful User Interface created on principles of Material Design.
    ● Fast, accurate and Multi- Threaded .
    ● Support's Alert Notifications.
    ● Both Imperial and Metric units supported.  
    ● Available at -
    ● Developed as a course project under Udacity's Android Development Course.

3.) “Implementation of Process Support System Calls and File System Support Calls for OS161"

  • ● Have designed and implemented data structures to manage processes in an operating system OS161.
  • ● Implemented various process support system calls such as fork, execv, waitpid ,  _exit
  • ● Implemented various file system support calls such as open, read, write, lseek, close, dup2, chdir, and __getcwd.


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