Each of the following comments were printed on the top left (odd) pages of the book. The balance of that page was left blank as was the right (even) page, as space for writing reactions to the content of the comment.

Reality is the result of how our minds are trained to perceive the world.

Good and evil are both part of the world, one cannot exist without the other.

Honor and integrity are based on respect for self as well as consideration for others.

To see problems in the world and ask "Why?" is commendable, but to dream of a better world and ask "Why not?" is to serve mankind.

You must first love yourself before you can truly love others.

God favors neither men nor women; Christian, Arab, Jew, Buddhist, nor Agnostic; White, black, red nor brown; whale, minnow nor jellyfish; onion, carrot, nor crabgrass. All are part of God's creation and therefore part of God.

Planning is the dynamic process by which options are developed and maintained.

If you want to change the world you must first change your self.

The true leader is the servant of his or her followers.

True education prepares a person to accommodate to change, it does not train a person to function in a static present.

Knowledge is power but wisdom is knowledge applied with humane values to the improvement of human existence.

We have a greater responsibility for assuring the future of our descendants than for the comfort of ourselves or the honoring of our ancestors.

Accumulating knowledge is easy. Developing wisdom is harder, it requires attention to life and humane values.

The Sermon on the Mount is one of the best guides for living in society.

The wisdom of the Buddha is one of the best guides for living with yourself.

The wisdom of Confucius provides an excellent guide for organizations.

The wisdom of Mohammed teaches a respect for God.

The wisdom of the Greeks as represented in their plays and legends provides insight into human relations.

Hubris is the foundation of self destructive arrogance.

We share this one planet with all living things. If we destroy it or even reduce it in any measure we will deny the potential of the future to our descendants.

The boundaries we find on world maps have little relevance to the natural world and are creations of our own personal egos. They have existed only a brief instant in the history of mankind, and are not worth any of the blood that has been spilled to maintain or expand them.

Democracy depends upon the respect of each individual for all others.

Every individual has a set of unique talents. We have no way of knowing which ones will be needed for an uncertain future. therefore, all must be valued and developed.

All living things are part of the great universal spirit we call God. The destruction of any one of them is evidence of our disrespect for that spirit.

Wars are caused by a process of suspicion, escalation of fears, and miscalculation.

Power not only corrupts, it blinds one to possibilities.

Power corrupts because it is not possible for anyone to have enough to control all possibilities.

Comfort and ease are welcomed in a home as honored guests, but they often overstay their welcome to become masters and tyrants.

We can live without food and water longer than we realize. But to live without love is to starve the spirit to death.

Anyone can do anything if they want to badly enough, and they are willing to work hard enough.

Your great great grandfather once said to me "Bobby, if you get up early enough in the morning, you can sleep all day."I realized I had grown up when I truly understood what he meant.

Lack of commitment is a greater obstacle to accomplishment than lack of talent.

Throughout my lifetime intelligence has been measured erroneously on a single linear scale of ability to manipulate abstract symbols.

We are as yet unaware of the almost infinite varieties of intelligence, and we therefore ignore some of its most useful manifestations.

Talent is intelligence committed to a purpose.

To be alive and awake is to be learning. The substance being learned is determined by the individual not by the teacher.

Most people change their occupation many times in a lifetime. The purpose of education is therefore to prepare people for change rather than to train them for a single profession.

An uneducated person is one who is unaware of what he or she does not know.

Expediency is the enemy of progress.

No decisions are ever made with full certainty of all the implications.

Stupidity is unfortunate but excusable. Ignorance has no excuse in a democratic society.

The only decisions that are sure to be wrong are those that will hurt others.

A decision made sets a path that cannot be retraced. One can never know what might have happened if another path had been taken.