Robert W. Spencer

Time is a thief that steals our lives, but also brings us wisdom
if we can enjoy the adventure rather than bemoan the theft!*
*See Merlin's advice to King Arthur in T.H. White's Once and Future King(click on Author).

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This web page is another learning adventure for a man in his later seventies.
Its base is a book titled GRANDFATHER'S COMMENTS.

The following is a copy of the text contained in the book, written and hand-bound for the grandchildren of the author. The individual items contained in the "COMMENTS" section of the following text were placed at the top of an even numbered page. The rest of that page and the odd numbered page succeeding it were left blank for written comments. The books are about 100 pages long, 4 1/2" x 5 3/4" x 9/16" in size. They are bound in leather and fitted with marbleized end papers made by the author. Each book is contained in a leather Japanese book box also made by the author.

The purpose of the book will be found in the FOREWORD and the PREFACE. The insights in the COMMENTS section of the text were accumulated over a lifetime, while the skills to make the books and make the book box were acquired during an Elderhostel at Gatlingburg, Tennessee. Click here for an article about the FUTURE included in the book. Click here for information about the AUTHOR. More information about the author and his hobbies will be found by clicking HOBBIES. A list of, and access to, some of the author's favorite web sites is available at LINKS