RRG 09 Handouts and slides


Delia Bentley, Focus fronting in the layered structure of the clause


J. Bohnemeyer & R. D. Van Valin, Jr,.  The macro-event property and the LSC


Michael Boutin, Towards a realizational approach to morphology in Role & Reference Grammar


Jung-hsing Chang, Interrogative Constructions in Taiwan Sign Language: A Role and Reference Grammar Account


Elke Diedrichsen, Towards a reconsideration of Constructional Schemas in RRG: Are all constructions driven by “constructions”?


Mark Dingemanse, The interaction of syntax and expressivity in Siwu ideophones


Carlos González Vergara,  Se incompatible predicates in Spanish: a RRG explanation


Lilián Guerrero, Extending the challenge of control phenomena


Antoinette Hawayek, Topic, focus, and word order in the acquisition of Spanish


Bonnie Henson, The nucleus as tonal domain


Sergio Ibáñez CerdaArguments, adjuncts and PP types in Spanish


Rocío Jiménez Briones & Mª Beatriz Pérez-Cabello de Alba, An account of selectional restrictions within a conceptual framework


Rolf Kailuweit, Romance anticausatives—a constructivist account


Deborah King, Verb class restrictions on NP referentiality in Falam Chin verbs


Chien-hung Lin & Jung-hsing Chang, Modality in Taiwan Sign Language


Ricardo Mairal Usón & Francisco Cortés Rodríguez, Ontological Semantics in Role and Reference Grammar


Ranko Matasović, Kabardian causatives, core junctures, and case marking domains


Armando Mora-Bustos, Fixed adjuncts


Wataru Nakamura, Functional/absolute case syncretism: An RRG-OT account


Brian Nolan, The layered structure of the Irish word: An RRG account of inflectional and derivation processes


Brian Nolan & Yasser Salem, UniArab: An RRG Arabic-to-English Machine Translation Software


Brian Nolan Ricardo Mairal Usón & Carlos Periñán, Natural Language Applications in an RRG framework


Rainer Osswald & Anja Latrouite, Semantic Representation and Complement Realization: The Case of Remember Revisited


Emma Pavey, A preliminary RRG account of functional positions in American Sign Language


Carlos Periñán & Francisco Arcas, A source of knowledge for Role and Reference Grammar: FunGramKB


Carlos Periñán & Ricardo Mairal, Conceptual Logical Structures: The Lexico-Conceptual Linkage in Role and Reference Grammar


Anna Riccio, SVCs in three-participant events: Argument structure and the lexical-syntactic interface


John R. Roberts, How to Find Serial Verbs in English: An RRG Analysis of Phase Verb Constructions


Mitsuaki Shimojo, The left periphery and focus structure in Japanese


Kiyoko Toratani, Argument structure of compound verbs in Japanese: Against “bottom-up” models



Dietmar Zaefferer, V2 Subordination in German and the RRG Theory of Clause Linkage