Rachel Redder

Buffalo, NY

I am a currently a student at the University at Buffalo majoring in Computer Science.
I am looking forward to learning more about Web Programming.


Original Home Page : Create a web page that will be used as the starting page for the rest of the class assignments.
CSS Page
Table Page : Create a web page with a table displayed.
HTML5/CSS Page : Make sure the homepage is HTML5 and CSS complaint.
What Makes a Good Website : Find an example of good web design and an example of bad web design. Discuss why they are good or bad.
Modified Home Page Using Divs : Create a new homepage that uses divs.
Special Effects Page : Create a web page that uses special effects.
Form Page : Create a web page that contains a form.
Multimedia Page : Create 4 new web pages that use various multimedia elements.
JavaScript Page : Create a web page that uses JavaScript.
JavaScript Validation Page : Create a web page using JavaScript to validate the field of a form.
HTML5 "Wow Me" Final Project : Create a set of web pages to show off what has been learned in this course.
Krug Book Essay/Presentation : Extra Credit