This past winter in Buffalo, New York was unlike any other. November got the nickname "snowvember"
because of the harsh winter storms, snow, and wind. There was a blizzard in Western New York that
restricted people to their homes for a week at a time. People bombarded grocery stores to get supplies
and necessities. There was travel bans and winter storm advisories for most of the month causing people
to miss multiple school and work days.

Most of the days this winter in Buffalo have been sub-zero temperatures. Many record colds have been
broken due to the extreme conditions happening. Being located near the lake is the reason for the immense
amount of snow. There was a relatively warm fall so the lake did not freeze and when the temperatures
dropped it caused all the lake water that was picked up to fall as unheard of amounts of snow. Buffalo is
infamous for the amount of snow it gets but this winter even natives were struggling to keep up. Plows could
not keep the streets clear and accidents were caused left and right. Due to the road conditions people were
stuck in there work places for days at a time. Ambulances were stuck in hosptials, emergencies and baby
deliveries had to be done at local police stations and fire stations.

See a wall of snow coming across Lake Erie here. Snow Wall

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November in Buffalo (taken from
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The reason all of this snow was dumped on Buffalo was because
Buffalo is located on Lake Erie and gets massive amounts of lake effect snow.