Richard P Donahue

Richard P. Donahue, Ph.D.

Department of Social and Preventive Medicine
University at Buffalo

Phone:829-2975 ext 614

Research Interests

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Selected Publications

Gaasch WH, Blaustein AS, Andrias CW, Donahue RP, Avitall B.  Myocardial relaxation.  II. 
 Hemodynamic determinants of left ventricle pressure decline.  Am J Physiol1980; 238:Hl-7. 

 Avitall B, Levine JH, Donahue RP, Naime S, Pauker SG, Adam D.  Local effects of electrical and mechanical stimulation in the recovery properties of the canine ventricle.  Am J Cardiol1982;50:263-70. 

Savage DD, Devereaux RB, Donahue RP, et al.  Mitral valve prolapse in blacks.  J Nat Med Assn 1982;74:895-900. 

 Wilson PW, Savage DD, Castelli WP, Garrison RJ, Donahue RP, Feinleib M.  HDL-Cholesterol in a sample of black adults:  The Framingham Minority Study.  Metabolism 1983;32:328-32. 

Orchard TJ, Donahue RP, Kuller LH, Hodge PN, Drash AL.  Cholesterol screening in childhood: Does it predict adult hypercholesterolemia?  The Beaver County Experience.  J of Pediatrics1983;103:687-91. 

Donahue RP, Orchard TJ, Kuller LH, Drash AL.  Lipids and Lipoproteins in a Young Adult
Population:  The Beaver County Lipid Study.  Am J Epidemiol 1985;122:458-67. 

Donahue RP, Orchard TJ, Stein E, Kuller LH, Drash AL.  Apolipoproteins AI, AII and B: 
Relationships with coronary heart disease risk factors in young adults.  The Beaver County Lipid
Study.  J Chronic Dis 1986;39:823-30. 

Donahue RP, Abbott RA, Reed DW, Yano K.  Alcohol and hemorrhagic stroke:  The Honolulu Heart Program.  JAMA 1986:255;2311-4. 

Reed T, Wagener D, Donahue RP, Kuller L.  Young Adult Cholesterol as a Predictor of Familial Ischemic Heart Disease.  Preventive Medicine 1986;15:292-303. 

Reed T, Wagener D, Donahue RP, Kuller L.  Family History of Cancer Related to Cholesterol Level in Young Adults.  Genetic Epidemiology 1986;3:63-71. 

LL, Watkins LO, Kuller LH, Savage DD, Donahue RP, LaPorte RE.  Relationship of social
class to coronary disease risk factors in blacks:  Implications of social mobility for risk factor change. In:  Report of the Secretary's Task Force on Black and Minority Health 1986;4:282-302. 

Abbott RD, Donahue RP, Reed DW and Yano K.  Diabetes and risk of stroke:  The Honolulu Heart Program.  JAMA 1987;257:949-52. 

Donahue RP, Orchard TJ, Becker DJ, Kuller LH, Drash AL.  Sex differences in the coronary heart disease risk factor profile:  A possible role for insulin.  The Beaver County Study.  Am J Epidemiol 1987;125:650-7. 

Donahue RP, Abbott RD, Bloom E, Reed DW, Yano K.  Central obesity and coronary heart disease in men.  Lancet 1987;1:821-3. 

Donahue RP, Abbott RD, Reed DW, Yano K.  Post challenge glucose concentration and coronary heart disease in men:  The Honolulu Heart Program.  Diabetes 1987;6:689-92. 

Donahue RP, Orchard TJ, Stein EA, Kuller LH.  Lack of association between coffee intake and lipoprotein lipids and apolipoproteins in young adults:  The Beaver County Study.  Preventive Medicine 1987;16:796-802. 

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