This webpage was created entirely for the "A Grade" that I intend to receive once graded.

I decided that Soccer would be a good theme for this site because soccer is totally AWESOME!!!

This will bring you right to the most recent action in the English Premier League:

In case you are having a bad day, here are some Gifs to cheer you up!:

1: The shooter claims he "planned that to happen".

Goalie Fail

2: The name of that Player was probably Bowser or Goomba.

It'sa me, MARIO

3: Yea bad breath is the worst?

Try Certs!

4: According to physics, the ball should have made contact with my foot, or not...

Not a Monty Python sketch

5: And the famous own goal by Mr. Greene, LOL:

Oh, England

    As the author of this website, I felt the need to tell you my favorite soccer teams:

  1. Wales
  2. Liverpool
  3. AC Milan
  4. Real Madrid

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