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Chris S. Renschler - Research and Grants

Extramural Competitive Research Grants and Awards:


National Science Foundation (NSF): Partnerships for Innovation -Information Products Laboratory for Emergency Response (IPLER) (Boyd, D.L., Vodacek, T., Renschler, C.S., and Van Aardt, J.A.). $600,000.


National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST): A Framework for Defining and Measuring Disaster Resilience at the Community Scale. (Reinhorn, A.M., Renschler, C.S., and Bruneau, M.). $69,751.


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Coastal Services Center: Community Resilience Index - A Conceptual Framework and Implementation Strategy. (Renschler, C.S., Eguchi, R.T, Chang, S., and Pine, J.C.). $270,000.


New York State Great Lakes Protection Fund (NYGLPF): Phosphorus and nitrogen monitoring and modeling in the Cattaraugus Creek Watershed, a major tributary to Lake Erie. (Christopher, S.F., and Renschler, C.S.). $9, 361.


Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP), US Dept. of Interior /US Forest Service: Geo-Spatial Wildland Management Tool – Cumulative Watershed Effects Extension. (Renschler, C.S., and Elliot, W.J.). $132,752.


Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP), US Dept. of Interior/US Forest Service: Geo-Spatial Wildland Management Tool.  (Renschler, C.S., and Elliot, W.J.). $134,019.


US Dept. of Agriculture - Integrated Research, Education, and Extension Competitive Grants Program: What are the lasting impacts on water quality projects in agricultural watersheds? (Engel, B., Mohtar, R., Frankenberger, J., Lee, J., and Lovejoy, S.). $540,000.

Extramural Non-competitive Research Funding and Sub-awards:


U.S. Dept. of Interior - Bureau of Land Management (BLM): WEPP/GeoWEPP Distance Learning Modules. (Renschler, C.S.). $87,345.


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Great Lakes National Program Office: Cattaraugus Creek Multi-County Watershed Protection Strategy. (Carpenter, B. et al.) $30,000. 


U.S. Corps of Engineers- Buffalo District / Great Lakes Center for Environmental Research and Education at Buffalo State College: Modeling sediment yields in the Cattaraugus Creek watershed. NY. (Fraser, G., Renschler, C.S.) $90,000.


Cornell University - Nutrient Management Spear Program: Linking Cornell Cropware with a GIS. (Ketterings, Q. et al.) $9,000.


National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) - Rochester Institute of Technology: Wildfire Airborne Sensor Program (WASP) Demonstration Project. (Rhody, H. et al.) $54,000.

Extramural Competitive Conference Grants and Awards


State University of New York - Conversations in the Disciplines: Natural Disasters in Small Communities: How can we help?  (Sheridan, M.F, Pitman, E.B., Patra, A., Renschler, C.S., Csatho, B., and Simpson, N.). $4,250. 


National Science Foundation (NSF): Geomorphology and Ecosystems - 36th Annual Binghamton Geomorphology Symposium (BGS 2005). (Renschler, C.S.; co-author: Doyle, M.W.) $25,791. 


State University of New York - Conversations in the Disciplines: Binghamton Geomorphology Symposium. (Renschler, C.S., Jacobi, R., and Lasker, H.). $3,000.

Extramural Educational & International Collaborative Research G


National Science Foundation (NSF): CDI-Type II: VHub: Collaborative Research: Cyberinfrastructure for Volcano Eruption and Hazards Modeling and Simulation.  National Science Foundation (NSF). (Valentine, G., Bursik, M., Jones, M. Calder, E., and Gallo, S.). $1,906,891. 


French National Research Agency-L'Agence nationale de la recherché (ANR): Lahars (volcanic debris flows and related floods): in situ flow measurements, rheometry, flow modelling, quantitative assessment of damage, mitigation and financial protection (Thouret, J.-C., et al.). €466,


German Research Foundation-Deutsche Forschungs-gemeinschaft (DFG): International Research Training Group (IRTG): Semantic Integration of Geospatial Information. (Kuhn, W., Freksa, C., and Mark, D.). €832,812.


National Science Foundation(NSF): IGERT-Integrative Geographic Information Science Traineeship Project: GIScience (Mark, D., Sheridan, M.F., Atkinson, J., Zubrow, E.B., and B. Smith). $3,859,676.

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