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Chris S. Renschler - Pulications

Articles in Peer-reviewed Journals
Note: Renschler and Flanagan (2008) received 2009 ASABE Superior Paper Award.
  1. Devaraju, A., Kuhn, W., and Renschler, C.S. (2014) A Formal Model to Infer Geographic Events from Sensor Observations. International Journal of Geographical Information Science (accepted).
  2. Flanagan, D.C., Frankenberger, J.R., Cochrane, T.A., Renschler, C. S., Elliot, W. J. (2013) Geospatial Application of the Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP) Model. Transactions of the ASABE 56(2):591-601.
  3. Frazier, A.E., Renschler, C.S., Scott B. Miles, S.B. (2013). Evaluating post-disaster ecosystem resilience using MODIS GPP data. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 21 (2013) 43–52.
  4. van Aardt, J., McKeown, D., Faulring, J., Raqueño, N., Casterline, M., Renschler, C., Eguchi, R., Messinger, D., Krzaczek, R., Cavilla, S., Analovich, J., Phillips, N., Barlette, B., Salvaggio, C., Ontiveros, E., and S. Gill (2011). Geospatial Disaster Response Case Study during the Haiti Earthquake: A Case Study Spanning Airborne Deployment, Data Collection, Transfer, Processing, and Dissemination. Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing 77(9): 943-952.
  5. Tanarro, L.M., Andres, N. Zamorano, J.J., Palacios, D. and Renschler, C.S. (2010) Geomorphological evolution of a fluvial channel after primary lahar deposition: Huiloac Gorge, Popocatépetl volcano (Mexico). Geomorphology 122: 178-190.
  6. Muñoz-Salinas, E., Renschler, C.S., and Palacios, D. (2009) A GIS-based method to determine the volume of lahars: Popocatépetl volcano, Mexico. Geomorphology 111: 61-69.
  7. Renschler, C.S., and Flanagan, D.C. (2008) Site-Specific Decision-Making Based on GPS RTK Survey and Six Alternative Elevation Data Sources: Soil Erosion Prediction. Transactions of the ASABE 51(2):413-424.
  8. Meyer, C.R., Renschler, C.S., and Vining, R. C. (2008) Implementing Quality Control on a Random Number Stream to Improve a Stochastic Weather Generator. Hydrological Processes 22(8):1069-1079.
  9. Muñoz-Salinas, E., Renschler, C.S., Palacios, D., and Namikawa, L.M. (2008) Lahar Channel Morphology in Digital Elevation Models during Eruptive Periods: Tenepanco-Huiloac Gorge, Popocatepetl Volcano, Mexico. Natural Hazards 45(2): 309-320.
  10. Renschler, C.S., Doyle, M.W., and Thoms, M. (2007). Geomorphology and Ecosystems: Challenges and keys for success in bridging disciplines. In Geomorphology and Ecosystems edited by Thoms, M., Renschler, C.S., and Doyle M.W. Geomorphology 89 (1-2): 1-8. 
  11. Sorokine, A., Bittner, T., and Renschler, C.S. (2006) Ontological Investigation of a Multiscale Ecosystem Classification Using the National Hierarchical Framework of Ecological Units as an Example. Geoinformatica 10(3): 313-335. 
  12. Renschler, C.S. (2005) Scales and Uncertainties in volcano hazard prediction – optimizing the use of GIS and models. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 139(1-2):73-87.
  13. Renschler, C.S., and Lee, T. (2005) Spatially distributed Assessment of Short- and Long-term Impacts of Multiple Best Management Practices in Agricultural Watersheds. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 60(6):446-456. <
  14. Nearing, M.A., Jetten, V., Baffaut, C. Cerdan, O., Couturier, A., Hernandez, M., Le Bissonnais, Y., Nichols, M.H., Nunes, J.P., Renschler, C.S., Souchère, V., and van Oost, K. (2005) Modeling response of soil erosion and runoff to changes in precipitation and cover. Catena 61:131–154.
  15. Patra, A.K., Bauer, A.C., Nichita, C.C., Pitman, E.B., Sheridan, M.F., Bursik, M., Rupp, B., Webb, A., Stinton, A., Namikawa, L., and Renschler, C.S. (2005). Parallel Adaptive Numerical Simulation of Dry Avalanches over Natural Terrain. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 139(1-2):1-21. 
  16. Renschler, C.S. (2003) Designing geo-spatial interfaces to scale process models: The GeoWEPP approach. Hydrological Processes 17:1005–1017.
  17. Gómez, J.A., Battany, M., Renschler, C.S., and Fereres, E. (2003). Evaluating the impact of soil management on soil loss in olive orchards. Soil Use and Management 19(2): 127-134.
  18. Renschler, C.S., and Harbor, J. (2002) Soil erosion assessment tools from point to regional scales - The role of geomorphologists in land management research and implementation. Geomorphology 47:189-209.
  19. Renschler, C.S., Flanagan, D.C., Engel, B.A., Kramer, L.A., and Sudduth, K.A. (2002) Site-Specific Decision-Making Based on GPS RTK Survey and Six Alternative Elevation Data Sources: Watershed Topography and Delineation. Transactions of the ASAE 45(6):1883-1895.
  20. Renschler, C.S., Mannaerts, C., and Diekkrüger, B. (1999a) Evaluating spatial and temporal variability of soil erosion risk - rainfall erosivity and soil loss ratios in Andalusia, Spain. Catena 34(3-4):209-225. 
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  22. Bormann, H., B. Diekkrüger, and C. Renschler (1999) Regionalization concept for hydrological modeling on different scales using a physically based model: results and evaluation. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth – Part B 24(7):799-804.
Articles in Peer-reviewed Proceedings
Notes: All peer-reviews for proceedings were with at least 2 external reviewers and at least 1 editor, except for (7) and (9) with only 1 external reviewer and at least 1 editor. Acceptance rates for peer-reviewed proceedings varied from 29% to 75%.

  1. Renschler, C.S., Frazier, A.E., Arendt, L.A. Cimellaro, G.P., Reinhorn, A.M., and Bruneau, M. (2010). Developing the ‘PEOPLES’ resilience framework for defining and measuring disaster resilience at the community scale. 9th US and 10th Canadian Conference on Earthquake Engineering. Toronto, Canada, July 25-29 2010. 10 pages. CD-ROM.
  2. Renschler, C.S. (2006) Spatial and Temporal Model Validation: Representing Landscape Properties and Processes across Scales. In: Proceedings of the iEMSs Third Biennial Meeting: "Summit on Environmental Modelling and Software" edited by Voinov, A., Jakeman, A., and Rizzoli, A. International Environmental Modelling and Software Society, Burlington, USA, July 9-12 2006. CD-ROM.
  3. Rupp, B., Bursik, M, Namikawa, L., Webb, A., Patra, A.K., Saucedo, R., Macias, J.L., and Renschler, C. (2006). Computational modeling of the 1991 block and ash flows at Colima Volcano, Mexico. In: Neogene-Quaternary Continental Margin Volcanism: A Perspective from México edited by Siebe, C., Macías, J.L., and Aguirre-Díaz, G.J. Geological Society of America Special Paper 402, Penrose Conference Series, p.237-252.
  4. Namikawa, L.M., and Renschler, C.S. (2004) Elevation Uncertainty in Digital Elevation Data used for Geophysical Flow Simulation. GeoInfo 2004 edited by Iochpe, C., and Câmara, G. São Paulo, Brazil, November 22-24, 2004. pp. 91-108. 
  5. Sorokine, A., Bittner, T., and Renschler, C.S. (2004) Ontological Investigation of Ecosystem Hierarchies and Formal Theory for Multiscale Ecosystem Classifications. GIScience 2004 edited by Egenhofer, M.J., Freksa, C., and Miller, H.J. Adelphi, MD, October 20-23, 2004 (was not printed; due to an error by publisher). <
  6. Namikawa, L.M., and Renschler, C.S. (2003). Dynamic Integrated GIS Enhancement and Support Tools. GeoInfo 2003 edited by Casanova, M.A., and Neto, G.C. São Paulo, Brazil, November 3-5, 2003. 7 p. <
  7. Renschler, C.S. and Sheridan, M.F. (2003) GeoDRAT - A framework for volcanic hazard assessment and management. Conference on Fast Slope Movements-Prediction And Prevention For Risk Mitigation edited by Picarelli, L. Naples, Italy, May 11-13, 2003. 3 p.
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  10. Renschler, C.S., Cochrane, T., Harbor, J., and Diekkrüger, B. (2002c) Regionalization methods for watershed management - hydrology and soil erosion from point to regional scales. In Sustaining the Global Farm. edited by Stott, D.E., Mothar, R., and Steinhard, F. Intern. Soil Conservation Organization (ISCO). West Lafayette, Indiana, May 23-28 1999. p. 1062-1067.
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  12. Bormann, H., Diekkrüger, B., and Renschler, C. (1999c) Regionalization concept for the prediction of large-scale water fluxes. In Regionalization in Hydrology edited by Diekkrüger, B., Kirkby, M., and Schröder, U. International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS) Publication 254, IAHS Press, Wallingford, England, UK. Braunschweig, Germany, March 10-14 1997. pp. 13-22. 
  13. Diekkrüger, B., Bormann, H., Renschler, C., and Richter, O. (1998) Regionale Vorhersage der Wasserflüsse unter Berücksichtigung der skalenabhängigen Informationsdichte. In Modellierung des Wasser- und Stofftransportes in großen Einzugsgebieten edited by Bronstert, A., Krysanova, V., Schröder, A., Becker, A., and Bork, H.-R. Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)-Report Nr. 43. Potsdam, Germany, December 15-16, 1997. pp. 33-42. (In German)