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EBSCOHost Phone Application

There are more of our students who bring their smartphones to school instead of laptops or tablets. There are more of them who have their smartphones linked to different Internet sites and web/phone applications 24/7. This tutorial is not only meant to guide them on how to download and run the phone application version of our database (EBSCOHost), but also to encourage them to access this resource and choose reviewed, refereed, and more reliable sources. This video will soon be added to our library home page for every student to view and review. To further encourage our students to make good use of EBSCO, the next step is to collaborate with their teachers to require them to gather sources from these databases to complete summative assessments, specifically the IB Extended Essay and other research reports.

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Work Experience

bold Cebu International School (CIS)

bold Other Institutions

Educational Background

School Degree Year
UB-SUNY MS School Librarianship 2016 - Present
Cebu Normal University DA Literature and Communication 2005 - 2009
Cebu Normal University MA Literature 2001 - 2005
Cebu Normal University BA English 1997 - 2001

Ongoing Learning Endeavor

CIS Workshops IBO Online Courses
> Blogging at School and Cooperative Learning
> UbD Clinics and Emotional Intelligence
> Making Differentiation Happen
> ESL in the Mainstream
> Supervising the Extended Essay
> Teaching the Theory of Knowledge
> Inquiry and the Librarian
> EdX Design & Development of Ed Tech
> EdX Vocal Recording Technology
> Shaw Basic Music Theory
> EdX Intro to Music Theory

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