Curriculum Vitae

Robert Daly

Department of English

306 Clemens Hall, Box 604610

University at Buffalo

Buffalo, NY   14260-4610

716-645-2575, ext. 1052





Cornell University, Ph.D. 1972

University of Akron, M.A. 1967, B.A. 1965


Research Fellowships


John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship, 1979-80

Leverhulme Fellowship, 1972-73




National Endowment for the Humanities Grants to Direct Summer Seminars, 1996-97, l993-94, 1991-92, 1989-90, 1988-89

Faculty Grant for Instructional Technology, 1995-96

New York State/United University Professions "Experienced Faculty Travel Award," 1987

National Endowment for the Humanities Grant (with Professors Ruth Meyerowitz and James

 Bunn), 1984-86

SUNY Research Development Fund Grant, 1982

International Communication Agency Travel Grant (to read papers in Hungary, Denmark, and

 Norway), 1980

American Comparative Literature Association Travel Grant (part of a block grant from the

 American Council of Learned Societies), 1976

Institutional Funds Travel Grant, 1975-76

New York Research Foundation Grants, 1977, 1975




Career Services Award, 2005

Generation magazine selection as one of “Our Favorite Professors,” 2001

Doylestown High School Wall of Fame, 1991

Panhellenic Council Chi Omega Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1989

Student Association Milton Plesur Memorial Teaching Award, 1988

Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1977

Phi Kappa Phi, 1972

Guilford Prize, Cornell University, 1971

Humanities and Social Sciences Fellowship (Ford Foundation), 1969-72

National Defense Education Act Title IV Fellowship, 1969-72

Pixley Award, 1965

Phi Sigma Alpha Scholarship, 1964

Ashton Prize, 1963


Academic Appointments


SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor                             University at Buffalo 1990-

Professor of English                                                               University at Buffalo 1985-90

Associate Professor of English                                               University at Buffalo 1977-85

Assistant Professor of English                                               University at Buffalo 1973-77

Instructor in English                                                                 Iowa State University 1967-69



    Visiting Appointments


    Visiting Professor of English                                              Chapman University 1982

    Visiting Associate Professor of English                             Cornell University 1980

    Visiting Appointment, Faculty of Literature                    Cambridge University 1979-80

    Leverhulme Visiting Fellow                                              University of Essex 1972-73


    Affiliated Appointment


    Program in Comparative Literature                                 University at Buffalo

        Full Member 1996-

        Associate Member 1993-96






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“Creole Coopers: James and Susan, Literature and Ethics in America.” Keynote Address to the 15th International James Fenimore Cooper Symposium and Summer Course. State University College at Oneonta.  16 June 2005.


“Reading Your Way from Beauty to Ethics: Nathaniel Hawthorne in the Twenty-First Century.” UB This Summer Cutting Edge Lecture Series. 9 June 2005.


“Metanoia: Nineteenth-Century Writers in the Network Culture of Twenty-First Century Readers.” The Resisting Reader, Then and Now: A Symposium in Honor of Judith Fetterley. University at Albany: State University of New York. 6 November 2004.


“Networks of America: Assembling a Nation in The Linwoods.”  Catharine Maria Sedgwick Symposium.  Stockbridge, Massachusetts.  13 June 2003.


“Leslie Fiedler’s Coming to Iowa.”  American Literature Association Convention.  Cambridge, Massachusetts.  22 May 2003.


“The Rise and Fall of Individualism in American Literature.”  Canisius College.  19 September 2002.


“Nations without Nationalism and Agency without Individualism in Hope Leslie and The Linwoods.”  American Literature Association Annual Conference.  Cambridge, Massachusetts.  25 May 2001.


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"Subversion as National Service: Catharine Maria Sedgwick as Canny Navigator on the Many

Seas of Convention."  The Sedgwick Symposium.  Stockbridge, Massachusetts.  7 June



"Cooper's Medicine for the Trauma of History."  Central New York Conference on Language

and Literature.  Cortland, New York.  21 October 1996.


"New Theories for Reading Literature and Life: Or Why We Should Care about Narrative

Therapy, Trauma Theory, Ecocriticism, and Literary Anthropology, as Well as Louise

Rosenblatt and Jean-Luc Nancy."  University of Wyoming.  19 June 1996.


"Literary Lessons: What We Learn from Reading."  Niagara County Community College.  2

April 1996.


"New Theories and the Uses of Cooper at the Present Time."  The Cooper Seminar.  Oneonta

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            Buffalo.  10 October 1975.


"Revising the Classics: The Use of John Seelye's True Adventures of Huckleberry Finn."

University of Essex.  9 November 1972.




Advisory Board, Catharine Maria Sedgwick Society

Board of Directors, James Fenimore Cooper Society

Editorial Board, Cooper and the Early Republic

National Endowment for the Humanities Grant-Review Panelist, Washington D.C., 28-29 April 2004.

Selection Committee for papers to be given at the annual conference of the American Literature Association, Catharine Maria Sedgwick Society, 2002

Outside Evaluator: Department of English, University of Connecticut, 2000

Reader: University of California Press, SUNY Press, University of Tennessee Press, Early

            American Literature, PMLA, Comparative Literature Studies, Prose Studies, American

Literary History, National Endowment for the Humanities Media Program

Consultant on Promotions: New York University, Cornell University, UCLA, George Washington University, George Mason University, Colorado State University, Kansas State University, University of Connecticut

Executive Committee, Northeastern Association of Graduate Schools, 1988-89

Richard Beale Davis Prize Committee, 1991 (Chair), 1987

Executive Committee, Division on American Literature to 1800, Modern Language Association,

1983-87 (Chair, 1986)

Editorial Board, Early American Literature, 1980-83


Membership in Professional Associations


Modern Language Association

American Literature Association

Society of Early Americanists

Catharine Maria Sedgwick Society, founding member and life member

James Fenimore Cooper Society, member of the Board of Directors

Nathaniel Hawthorne Society


Teaching 1973-


            Graduate Seminars


The Puritan Tradition

Definitions of America

Nathaniel Hawthorne

The American Novel

Nineteenth-Century American Literature

Contemporary American Fiction

American Classics and American Culture

Research in American Civilization

The Twentieth-Century American Novel


            Undergraduate Courses


                        Early American Literature

The American Renaissance


Definitions of America

Major American Writers I & II

American Literature 1865-1914

Biography and Autobiography

American Visionary History

The American Novel

Modern American Fiction

American Literature and Culture

Freshman Composition 101 & 201

Mark Twain and His Contemporaries

Literature of American Democracy

 Science, Literature, and Society

The Modern American Novel

Visions of America

American Literature 1828-1865

American Classics and American Culture


    Ph.D. Qualifying Examination Committees


            Sybil James

Mi-ae Park

Andrea Ross

Howard Bennett

Susan Dix

Stephen Kenney

Cory Ireland

Paula Reynolds

Mary Cappello

Nan Clarkson

Valerie Babb

Jocelyn Sheppard

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Nozomi Fujimura



    M.A. Qualifying Examination Committees


Ian Stapley

Katharine Stiffler

Jane Marshall

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Allison Farrell

Jason Pratt

Kathryn English

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Pamela Emigh-Murphy

Candace Faubert



    Ph.D. Dissertations--Director


James Martin-Diaz

Stephen Kenney

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Beverly Anne Sanford

Mary Adams Hilmer

Laura Laffrado

Scott Edelstein

Paula Reynolds

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Kathy Phelps

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Kyunghoon Jung

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    Ph.D. Dissertations--Reader


Thomas Stender

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Lucinda L. Damon-Bach

Cynthia Doell

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Ann Keefer

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Allison N. Ritchie

Aimee Woznick

Ben Cady




Department of English


    Administrative Positions


    Director of Graduate Studies, 1983-85

    Associate Chair, 1980-81

    Vice Chair, Director of Teaching Fellows, 1976-77


    Other Service


    Department Chair Hiring Committee, 2005-2006

    Advocate: Hershini Young, Daniel Hack, David Schmid, Alan Spiegel

    Representative lecture for English, CAS 101, 2006, 2005, 2004,  2003 

    Chair, Guidelines on Promotion to Tenure Committee, 1999-2000

    Undergraduate Advising, 1998-99

    Planning Committee, 1997-99

    Endowed Chairs Renewal Committee, 1999

    Placement Committee for English and Comparative Literature, 1996-99

    Graduate Admissions and Fellowships Committee, 1994-95, 1983-85, 1976-77

    Departmental Honors Program Selection Committee, 1992-

    Graduate Review Committee, l999-2000, 1992-94, 1983-85

    Long-Range Planning Committee, 1989-90

    Junior Recruitment Committee, 1989-90, 1984-85

    Butler Chair Committee, 1986-87

    McNulty Chair Search Committee, 1986-87, 1983-84

    Executive Committee, 2005-06, 1991-92, 1982-86, 1980-81, 1975-77

    Butler Prize Committee, 1990 (chair), 1983, 1982 (chair)

    University Open House, 1980-85

    Poetry Committee, 1978-79

    Senior Recruitment Committee, 1977-79

    Summer School Committee, 1983-85, 1976-77

    Graduate Scheduling Committee, 1983-85

    Graduate Curriculum Committee, 1980-81, 1975-77

    Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, 1982-83, 1975-79

    Library Committee, 1975-79 (chair, 1978-79)


College of Arts and Sciences


    Sponsored Research Advisory Board, 2003-2006

    Hiring Committee, Comparative Literature, 2002-03   

    Dean’s Panel, Fellowships and Grants Workshop, 11 December 2002

    Dean’s Panel, Promotion and Tenure Workshop, 21 October 2002

    Committee on Awards and Recognitions, 2000-2001    

    Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure Committee, 1999-2002, 1996-99, 1989-90, 1983-84

    Presidential Fellowship Selection Committee, 1997

    Bylaws Committee, 1992-93

    Graduate Divisional Committee, 1983-85, (Summer chair, 1985, 1984)

    External Funds Committee, 1984-85

    Committee on Tolstoy College, 1983-84

    Educational Policy Committee, 1982-85

    Search Committee for a Chair, Department of English, 1976




    Elected Positions


    Board of Directors, Campus Club, 1996-98

    President, University Faculty Club, 1989-90, Vice President, 1988-89


    Administrative Positions


    Associate Vice Provost for Graduate and Professional Education, 1986-89

    Associate Dean of the Graduate School, 1985-89


    Other Service


    Chair, Provost’s Search Committee for the Dean of Arts and Sciences, 2006

    Provost’s Task Group on Research Incentives and Support, 2005

    Provost’s Working Group on Academic Programs, 2005

    Honors Convocation Readings: 12 May 2006, 13 May 2005, 7 May 2004, 9 May 2003

    Alumni Association Awards Committee, 2003-2004

    Graduate School Fellowships Committee, 2003-2006

    Provost's Committee on Honorary Degrees, 1991-2004

    Committee on Distinguished Alumni Awards, 2000-2004

    Provost's Selection Committee on Distinguished Teaching Professorships, 1999-2001

    Provost's Selection Committee on Distinguished Professorships, 1999-2001

    University Honors Council, 1998-2006

    College of Arts and Sciences Founders Committee: Subcommittee on Personnel, 1998-99

    Mentor, University Honors Program, 1985-

    Provost's Task Force: "Stresses on Research and Education," Subcommittee on Patterns of

            Institutional Support, 1996

    Selection Committee, Conferences in the Disciplines, 1996

    Selection Committee, Sesquicentennial Projects, 1996

    President's Review Board on Faculty Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure, 1996, 1990-


    University Committee on the Humanities, 1994-96

    Faculty Senate Committee on Academic Planning, 1993-96

    University Search Committee for a Dean of the Graduate School, 1994-95

    Chair, Humanities Institute Task Force, 1990

    Graduate Program Evaluation Review Committee, 1989-90

    Graduate School Executive Committee, 1985-89 (Chair, 1986-88)

    Chair, University Graduate Fellowships Committee, 1985-89

    Minority Fellowships Committee, 1987-89

    Mark Diamond Fellowship Research Council, 1987-89

    Visiting Faculty Housing Committee, 1987-89

    Chair, Faculty Club Board of Directors Nominating Committee, 1986-87

    Chair, University Language Policy Action Committee, 1985-89

    Graduate School Subcommittee on External Evaluation, 1986-87

    Graduate School Representative on Recruiting Trips, 1984-89

    Screening Committee, Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching,

1987, 1986, 1981

    Undergraduate Representative on Recruiting Trips, 1986, 1985

    Graduate School Bylaws Committee, 1985-89

    Undergraduate College Executive Committee, 1985-88

    Arts and Sciences Publicity and Recruitment Subcommittee, 1982-83

    University Search Committee for Dean, Faculty of Arts and Letters, 1981

    Screening Committee, Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Librarianship, 1976-78

    Faculty Senate Study Group, 1977

    Faculty Senate Library Committee, 1976-79

    Faculty Senate Bookstore Committee, 1975-76

    Faculty Senate, 1974-77


Community: Lectures and Seminars


“Virtue Ethics in Susan Power’s Grass Dancer.” The Garret Club. October 2006.


“Character Creole: Literature and Ethics in America.” Americanist Colloquium. 8 September 2005.


Sole Faculty Responder to Six Papers, Graduate Americanist Symposium. 11 February 2005.


“The Work of Inspiration.”  Department of English Commencement Address.  9 May 2004.


“Slow Reading: Why It Matters, How to Do It, How to Teach It.” UB Center for Teaching Resources.  Clemens 120.  14 November 2003.


“The Honors Thesis: Why and How.”  University Honors Program.  3 November 2003.


“Leslie Fiedler’s Coming to Iowa.”  Come Back to the Raft: A Leslie Fiedler Symposium.  UB.  30 October 2003.


“Bringing the Muses Home” Department of English Commencement Address.  11 May 2003.


“Emerson’s Society.”  Unitarian Church of Amherst.  13 April 2003.   


“Getting Things Done: Literature and Agency in the Information Age.”  UB Alumni 50-Year Reunion.  15 June 2001.


Great Books Foundation panel discussion on Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in AmericaBuffalo Historical Society.  18 October 2000.


“Publication: An Outsider’s Guide.”  English Graduate Students Association.  10 February 2000.


"Lies, All Lies: Reading Fictions for Fun and Profit."  Dean's Lecture Series, College of Arts

and Sciences. 22 November 1999.


"Justice and Representation in The Scarlet Letter."  Humanities One Series.  University at

Buffalo. 19 October 1999.


"New Ways of Reading, with Toni Morrison and N. Scott Momaday."  The Garret Club.  16,

23, and 30 April 1999.


"Publication, Fellowships, and Grants."  English Graduate Students Association.  28 April



"The ‘Applicable Technology' of Literary Learning in Nathaniel Hawthorne's `My Kinsman,

Major Molineux.'"  Humanities One Series.  University at Buffalo.  29 September 1998.


"Lexia and Agency in Literature and Life."  Horizons Lecture.  15 September 1998.


"Publishing in Scholarly Journals."  English Graduate Student Association. 10 December



"The `Applicable Technology' of Literature."  Humanities One Series. University at Buffalo.

    23 September 1997.


"William Butler Yeats: The Poetry of Life and the Life of Poetry."  Garret Club.  1, 8, and 15

March 1996.


"Stories and Lives, Meanings and Nations: Or, Why We Bother Reading Things that People Just

Make Up."  Inaugural Lecture, Provost's Distinguished Professor Series.  University at

Buffalo.  20 February 1996.


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